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SBE standard Smartphone Antitheft Label

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The 100 labels

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  • The most effective theft-deterrent mechanism
  • Lifetime registration in the SBE Antitheft File
  • Exclusive SBE patent
Cyanoacrylate glue

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SBE Mobisafe Antitheft Label, discover this exclusive reduced format of our Antitheft Tamper proof Label. This Antitheft label for mobile objects is much more than a simple label, it is completely tear-proof and permanently embedded on your equipment. Ideal for small objects such as smartphones, tablets, cameras... This antitheft mechanism for mobiles will secure your property and ensure that you find it : no other product in the world offers such a level of security for such a reasonable price.

Antitheft labeling for a reliable inventory

This is the only antitheft label in the world that is impossible to remove. It is resistant to 100% humidity, to temperatures from -55° to +90°, UV radiation, abrasion, mold.... with this SBE Mobisafe Antitheft Label, you can rest assured that your inventory markings can never be removed.

Composed of three independent layers that bind together during assembly, the finish and aesthetics of this antitheft label for mobiles are of premium quality. The first is the 0.5mm PVC main support. It is hard, very resistant, white in color and resembles a credit card. The second part lies above this layer, it contains the label number and theft deterring information. These parts are protected with a thick layer of transparent polyester that is resistant to severe external damage such as chemical products, solvents, cleaning products... To fix these on your base, a cyanoacrylate adhesive perfectly fixes the SBE antitheft label on all types of painted or crude surfaces.

Your products are labeled and protected and your inventory process is facilitated thanks to this antitheft for mobile objects.

An antitheft label for smartphones and tablets ensures effective and discrete protection

SBE, designers of this exclusive patent, is the only company in the world that offers you this SBE Mobisafe Antitheft label whose efficiency is no longer in question. A number of our customers will recommend it to you, for protecting your products, as well as for identifying them.

Ideal for securing small objects such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, measuring devices...once stuck to your equipment, this antitheft label ensures double efficiency : it reduces the risk of theft attempts of your equipment by acting as a deterrent and, it assures to find your lost property through the number present on the SBE Mobisafe Antitheft Label and on the SBE Antitheft National File.

Our antitheft marking establishes a permanent link between you and your equipment : the SBE Antitheft File

Every day in France, nearly 160 thefts and loss of equipment are listed, and this is only in the corporate world. Thanks to SBE, you can now protect your property and achieve the highest level of security at a minimal cost. (To know more, please visit our page on IT theft in figures)

By acquiring this Mobisafe Antitheft Label, not only will you discourage theft but will also establish a permanent link between yourself and your equipment with the help of an independent file for your business : the SBE Antitheft File. Records of the numbers on the Antitheft Label will be kept in this file during the entire life of the equipment. Thus, in case of theft or loss, SBE will have saved the information of your property in a red list, any person (individual, police, customs ...) who finds this material, would be obliged to return it to you, otherwise he would be called a receiver. All the information is provided on a deterrent sticker that comes with this antitheft marking, and which constitutes an additional instrument to discourage theft of your property.

To know more about the Antitheft File, please visit our information page :

This antitheft marking for mobile objects is easy to use, it combines protection and identification

sbe-tamperproof-antitheft-color-label-mobile-installation-kitChoose this Label to enhance the image of your company by displaying its colors. The printing techniques will give a perfect result (professional quality screen printing), bright colors and excellent print quality. The label comes with a complete installation kit including applicators, cotton buds and a special adhesive. Let the user manual guide you: in less than a minute your Label is fixed with no additional charges.

In order to best personalize your antitheft label, SBE gives you the freedom to choose the presentation : texts, sequential numbering, graphics and logos. Plate costs on the first order are to be expected.

Also, do not hesitate to take advantage of our highly discounted bulk rates by accurately estimating your quantities and ordering your free samples to witness the efficiency of this Mobisafe color logo Antitheft label.

Be careful not to use degreasing agent bags for these products requiring gluing with Cyanoacrylate glue.

Data sheet

The 100 labels
per pack of 50
1 year
Catalog code
A053 B053 C071 D076 E125 F125
Cyanoacrylate solder
Printing resistance
Optimum / Protected
General resistance


Sécurité colle Cyano (FR)

Fiche de données de sécurité Colle Cyano Sans Solvant

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Instruction Cyano glue (EN)

Safety data sheet Cyano Glue (EN)

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Cyanoacrylate glue Standard SBE Ref. MBS-STD

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Cyanoacrylate glue Solvent free Ref. MBS-STD-L

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