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SBE standard Smartphone Antitheft Label

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the label

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  • Impossible to peel / tear off
  • The most effective deterrent to theft
  • Lifetime registration in the SBE Antitheft File
  • Exclusive SBE patent
  • Fast installation (less than a minute)
Cyanoacrylate glue

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At home on Monday 13 May 2024

Phone theft is on the rise, 775,000 is the number of smartphone thefts per year versus only 18% that fail. At SBE Direct, we make it our priority to increase this percentage. To do so, we have developed a virtually unbreakable solution: the security tag, which will reduce smartphone theft and secure your IT assets for the long term.

What is a tamper-proof smartphone lock ?

The security label is a very effective solutionresistant, dissuasive and durable.When it comes to moving objects, such as smartphones or tablets, the use of this security tag is more than appropriate. It is while thinking about more secure products for your computer park that the idea of the unbreakable smartphone anti-theft came to us.

As the designer and holder of the exclusive patent, we are currently the only company in the world to offer you this doubly effective alternative.

At SBE Direct, your security and that of your belongings is our priority. This tamper-evident label is full of efficiency, in fact it will allow you to considerably reduce the risk of attempted theft of your computer equipment (professional smartphone, tablets, measuring devices, cameras, ...) and secondly to convey your company’s brand image.

In case of loss of one of your tools, the anti-theft marking for computer and smartphone makes sense because it will allow you to distinguish very clearly the ownership of your property.

In addition, in the absence of a barcode, each security label has a unique number, written on the National Anti-Theft File SBE. Thus, this number certifies to find your computer equipment in most cases. Each product that you mark with this tamper-proof label will be one more product that will tend towards the optimal solution against loss and theft.

Setting up this smartphone anti-theft device is also an excellent vector of your brand image and communication. Also, you amplify your reach and open yourself up to many new opportunities.

If you want to learn more about the reduction of thefts induced by the SBE unbreakable smartphone anti-theft device, I advise you to read this article that we have written : How to reduce theft by 96% with SBE anti-theft markings ?

The first marking that proves to be extremely reliable :

At SBE Direct, we don’t do things by halves. Indeed, each product, conceived, designed and developed by our teams, is a quality product. We focus on the resistance and reliability of each of our products. In this sense, the smartphone anti-theft device is currently the only marking in the world that is truly impossible to peel off or tear off. Resistance fully characterizes this product design for several reasons :

  • Resistant to 100% humidity;
  • Withstands extreme temperatures from -55°C to +90°C;
  • UV rays do not affect the durability of the marking;
  • 100% mold resistant;
  • Abrasion resistant..

With this anti-theft computer and smartphone tag, you can be sure that your inventory tags can never be removed, they will act as a true anti-theft device for the smallest devices in your computer or office fleet.

Our tamper evident marking solution consists of three independent parts and bound during assembly. We tend to believe that an office tool deserves an aesthetic worthy of the name, in this sense, we wanted to take care of the finishes and appearance of our security label.

The first layer consists of the 0.5 mm PVC main support. We wanted a rigid and very resistant support, comparable to a credit card.

As for the second part, it lists the unique number allowing you to find the marking as well as the theft deterrent information.

Finally, the third part, is composed of a thick transparent polyester layer,allowing to resist to the external aggressions such as the chemicals, solvents or cleaning products.

For the attachment of our tamper evident security label, we provide a cyanoacrylate glue, for a clean, strong and efficient weld on raw or painted surfaces.

Finally, thanks to our smartphone anti-theft marking, your computer equipment is identified and protected. Moreover, we facilitate your inventory management.

A tamper-evident marking, easy to use, to optimize protection and identification :

Installation in less than a minute, that’s our guarantee. What we have tried to convey through this innovation are products Quickly effective and easy to set up. And because a fun and intuitive product is a complete and quality product, we give you an installation kit when you buy it. Here are the components of this kit :

  • An applicator;
  • Cotton sticks;
  • Instructions for use.

The optimization of the identification is here transcribed by our choice of printing text only. Indeed, this one makes you benefit from a preferential rate as well as a free delivery (1 week after approval of the print order).

At SBE Direct, we’re all about making products that you can relate to and that feel like you. To enhance this feeling, we strive to offer you the best customization experience. For example, you can integrate up to 5 lines and text in the largest white window as well as sequential numbering, graphics or logos in bright colors.

Discover our personalized SBE anti-theft phone tag.

What is the SBE Direct National Anti-theft File ?

To give you some figures, according to the National Crime Observatory, there are more than 775,000 smartphone thefts per year and 60% of French people say they have already lost a phone. In the business world, there are nearly 160 thefts and losses of equipment per day.

In view of these staggering figures, we thought it appropriate to react and offer you a solution that will enable you to achieve a very high level of security at a lower cost.

In addition to the simple anti-theft smartphone marking that allows you to deter and minimize the risk of theft and clearly identify your company, we establish a constant and permanent link between you and the tagged equipment.

For this purpose, we have set up a central file that operates independently of your company: the Anti-Theft File. Thus, in case of theft or loss, this is listed, and SBE registers on a red list, the device concerned and all the information it contains.

After that, the person who would find the device would be in the obligation to return it under penalty of being qualified as a fence. Of course, we specify all these indications and information directly on a sticker that we provide you with the Antitheft Marking. This sticker alone is an additional instrument to discourage the theft of your digital goods.

To learn more about the Anti-Theft File, please visit our information pages :

Caution: Do not use degreaser pouches for this product when bonding with cyanoacrylate glue.


Data sheet

the label
per pack of 50
1 year
Cyanoacrylate solder
Printing resistance
Optimum / Protected
General resistance


Sécurité colle Cyano (FR)

Fiche de données de sécurité Colle Cyano Sans Solvant

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Instruction Cyano glue (EN)

Safety data sheet Cyano Glue (EN)

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Cyanoacrylate glue Standard SBE Ref. MBS-STD

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Cyanoacrylate glue Solvent free Ref. MBS-STD-L

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