What is security paper for?

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Or how can simple security paper protect your business from fraud document ?

In the last studies carried out by PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers "on the occasion of the 9th edition of the "Global Economic Crime Survey 2018", 71% of French companies declare that they have been victims of Documentary Fraud. The three most frequent are counterfeiting, falsification and fraudulent use of documents. What measure should be taken to fight the anti-copying of sensitive documents?


1. What does security paper mean?
2. Are there different security papers?
3. What is the use of security paper?

Security A4 papers have built-in technologies to effectively protect paper data. The uses of security papers are very varied…

How do the security features of these papers work?
What are they designed for?
Is a security document compatible with all printers on the market?

In order to better answer all these questions, there are several types of document protection to prevent fraudulent use. But before citing them, let's define what security paper means.

Security paper allows you to print protected documents with a high degree of anti-copy protection thanks to specialized technologies such as microletters, guilloches, UV ink, integrated security hologram, etc.

These technologies make it possible to easily detect (naked eye, with simple tools) practices of fraud or document falsification (false proof of address, false proof of resources, falsified contract, etc.) :

- The security elements of secure A4 format papers make it possible to identify the difference between security paper and conventional falsified paper. The guilloches for example become blurred on photocopying or the microletters (very small microscopic letters visible only with a magnifying glass).

- These secure papers are important for the protection of data on physical documents, such as administrative documents, important business documents, academic documents (diplomas) ...

- The use of security papers represents a wide variety for example that guarantees the conformity of documents (contracts, certificates, diplomas, licenses ...) according to the importance of the data, the preservation of authentic documents on a reliable secure paper.

-The secure documents are perfectly compatible with all the printers that exist on the market (laser, B&W and color inkjet, impact).

The goal is easy and immediate detection, with or without instruments, of any fraud. To do this, several security points built into the paper to define:

  • Visibility with the naked eye
  • Visibility only in UV light
  • Visibility only with magnifying glass and / or microscope

SBE Direct presents a range of these papers which are naturally very difficult to reproduce with the usual technologies and require large material and engineering investments to achieve this. These security papers have been on the market for many years, and they have naturally improved over time.

For example, the table below provides a comparison of the use of SBE secure papers and the different levels of security for each non-photocopiable paper. From X4 secure paper to the new X21 high security paper, you will also have a small usage recommendation for each security document:

Safety points

Papier A4 securise X4


Papier A4 securise X5


Papier A4 securise X15



papaier diplome haute securite x17


papier securise haute securite x21


Guillochis tick tick tick -- -- --
Microletters tick tick tick -- -- --
Back with guilloches -- -- -- tick tick tick
Lateral garlands -- -- -- -- -- --
Microtext -- -- -- tick tick tick
Micro & Nano text UV fluorescent -- -- -- tick tick tick
Difractant leaflet -- -- -- -- tick --
Watermarked paper -- -- -- -- -- --
Invisible inscription on paper tick -- -- tick -- --
Paper without optical brightener tick tick -- tick tick tick
Chemical sensitive paper -- -- -- -- tick tick
Coating to increase toner ink adhesion -- -- -- tick tick tick
Invisible printing -- tick -- -- -- --
 UV ink -- tick tick tick -- --
Reactive ink -- -- tick tick tick tick
Phantom word -- -- tick -- tick
Variable control key -- -- -- -- tick tick
Image printed with invisible UV ink -- -- -- -- tick tick
Thermo-reactive ink -- -- -- tick -- tick
Manufacturing code -- -- -- -- -- --
Nanotext -- -- tick tick -- --
Numismatic text -- -- tick -- -- --
"Iris" watermark -- -- tick -- -- --
"Eye" watermark in two tones -- -- -- -- tick tick
Black ink -- -- tick --
Chromotropic ink -- -- tick -- tick tick
Sculpted 3D numismatic text -- -- -- -- tick --
Rainbow color graduation -- -- -- -- tick tick
UV badge -- -- tick tick -- --
UV security strip -- -- tick -- -- --
Sequential number with penetrating, migrating and chromotropic black ink -- -- -- -- tick tick
Sequential number encrypted with UV ink -- -- -- -- tick --
Integrated security hologram -- -- tick -- -- --
Secure double-sided inking -- -- -- -- tick tick
Plain nanotexte background with security key  -- -- -- -- -- tick
Hologram & Diffractants (optional) -- -- -- -- -- tick
Paper with invisible and visible fibers (optional) -- -- -- -- -- tick
Sculpted 3D numismatic text -- -- -- tick -- tick
Compatible with any type of printer tick tick tick tick tick tick
Use For multiple uses (printing administrative documents, certificates, decrees, contracts...) All sectors of activity, a new technology is added to this secure paper to make its protection optimal. Ensures the conformity of documents (contracts, certificates, diplomas, licenses...) A real challenge of imitation and fraudulent replication. Compatible with contracts, certificates, diplomas, licenses... Allows to protect the official papers for obtaining certificates diplomas... For multiple uses (notorial deeds, company diplomas, certificate of qualification...)

Background protection on these types of paper is a safe solution that responds well to false uses of documents.
Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers as well as their safety.

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