How many fake documents circulate in (and outside) your company?

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The South Korean film "Parasites" won the 2019 Palme d'Or directed by Bong Joon-ho.

Did you see the South Korean film « Parasite », Golden palm at the last Cannes film festival?

example of diploma falsification in the parasite movie

Yes? Then you have certainly noticed that the whole intrigue and the disastrous effects which result from it begin on a simple false document, where the decision-maker Mrs. Park who has no real means of verifying its authenticity.

And? Your company? What about the documents tha
t come out of it, circulate in it and enter it, like a diploma when hired?

This modern illustration of false diplomas or falsified papers is, unfortunately, an all too common phenomenon that affects all countries, severely penalizing private and public infrastructure.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new legal framework of the European Union that governs the collection and processing of personal data of Internet users. This initiative made it possible to give optimal security to the data circulating on the internet in order to preserve people's privacy, but what about documentary data on paper? Are businesses safe from fraud or theft of confidential documents? What to do when faced with such a situation? Is there a recommendation, a way to secure your documents?

If there are data protection solutions online, the same is true for documentary data on paper. In France, it is difficult to give an exact figure on false documents falsified for administrative or employment purposes. Security paper has emerged as an alternative to administrations and businesses to consolidate document authentication and fight against paper falsification. But do companies protect the certifications and attestations they issue?

It is true that companies are paying less and less attention to the verification of diplomas, yet it is quite simple to protect their documents with a hologram or UV ink.

Documentary fraud in companies also exists internally such as the issuance of certificates or company certificates, which can cause significant harm, loss of confidence and deterioration of the brand image of the company. It is at this point that we realize the vital importance of giving security authentication to all documents binding the company intended for the exterior.

Security paper is an easy and inexpensive device that nevertheless provides an excellent degree of protection of data on paper and their uses. These papers are very difficult to counterfeit, and not photocopiable. As soon as we try to scan, photograph, photocopy or falsify a document or a security sheet, we will see security points appear or disappear to alert at a glance the non-conformity of the document.

 There are also security papers designed specifically for the security of diplomas, certificates and competition prizes. They have been thought for landscape format documents combined with an elegant and colourful design to enhance the diploma. 

secure paper fifteen security points explained in detail

Effective security techniques with integrated technologies such as non-reproducible watermarks, guilloches, UV ink, holograms, and reactive inks ... affirm the authenticity and originality of the document, and must be an integral part of basic procedures for corporate security.

SBE provides you with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in document security and protection against document fraud, by offering you a very complete range of authenticating and secure products, including security papers.

And in order to better help you find the secure paper that suits you, you can also read our article "What is secure paper for?" Which explains in detail the security points of secure paper and the different possible uses.

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