custom a4 security paper x8 administration en
    • custom a4 security paper x8 administration en
    • a4 security paper x8 administration en

    A4 Security Paper X8 Administration

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    • Makes falsification impossible
    • Fully customizable
    • 8 security levels

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    Specially designed for administration, the A4 size security paper has 8 levels of security, while integrating official notes. The original control of this security paper is easily carried out and does not require special hardware for most security points.

    A security paper used for administration

    All the organizations that make up the administration of a State deliver official documents, or have sensitive folders that need to be protected. These official documents are prone to forgery and falsification. Several details help to identify this administrative security paper, such as "RF" letters integrated in Guillochis (engraved), or the image of Marianne at the center of the sheet composed partly in ink, only visible under a UV lamp.

    This security paper can be used for all papers or official documents edited by the administration, such as extracts from civil acts, certificates or authorizations.

    X8: The 8 levels of security of the security paper

    Spread over the entire sheet, these points provide complete security to its user.

    Security levelsAdvantagesVisual examples
    1 digit circled in red
    Engraved (guillochis)
    Lines become blurred on the photocopy and disappear in case of an attempt to erase the text, in reactive inksguillochis-security-paper
    2 digit red circled
    Paper without optical brightener
    The specific design of the paper (UV inert) makes it easily identifiable because of the paper used in the manufacture of cheques and
    3 digit red circled
    Reactive paper
    Reaction of the paper visible to the naked eye in case of any attempts to erase (scraping, scrubbing, chemical) The UV inks make it clearly
    4 digit red circled
    Ghost word
    Appears in case of photocopy, scan or photosecurity-paper-ghost-words
    5 digit red circled
    invisible print
    Invisible ink revealed under UV lightsecurity-paper-invisible-ink
    6 digit red circled
    thermo-reactive ink
    Disappears at a temperature above 27 ° (disappears under the pressure of a finger), and then reappearssecurity-paper-thermo-reactive-ink
    7 digit red circled
    Lines composed of several thousand microscopic letters (visible under the magnifying glass) altered on the copysecurity-paper-microprintings
    8 digit red circled
    Manufacturing code
    Unique code integrated with microprintingsecurity-paper-manufacturing-code

    Customized your security paper

    Opt for the customization of your security paper, to ensure the identity of the sender and to more easily authenticate the content. For orders for 10 or more reams and within 4 weeks, you have several customization options:

    • The logo and other information from the State or the community can be

    printed to create a header paper, or a diploma or exam sheet presentation. Mention the desired logo and size when ordering.Some security points can be customized according to your requirements, such as a ghost word.Design your own security paper by choosing the most appropriate security levels: you can remove some security points present in the classic model, and alsoadd other security levels such as unique numbering on each sheet, watermarks or a strip embedded in the sheet of paper.

    In the case of a specific customization request, ask for an online quote to know the price of the security paper.
    This security paper can only be sold to administrations (Ministries, general councils, town halls, etc.).

    Data sheet

    la ramette
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    A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)

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    With this product you may need to use:

    De 73.00€ à 101.00€ Tax excluded
    • High level of security
    • Immediate authentication with the naked eye
    • 2D/3D technology, Dot Matrix
    • Many security points
    • Forgery-proof and tamper-proof
    De 70.00€ à 97.00€ Tax excluded
    • Protects your documents during transport
    • High security envelop
    • Guarantees the authenticity of your documents
    • Opening attempt made evident by a VOID marking
    • Unique numbering and barcodes for effective monitoring

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