Keyed Alike Padlocks

Protect all your property with our range of security padlocks and keyed alike padlocks.

Experts in business security, property and people, SBE Direct brings you the single key padlock to enhance the safety of your premises and protect your equipment. These padlocks open with one key which offers the possibility of having an identical key for a whole series of stainless steel padlocks (of the same model)

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The MAGNO keyed alike security padlock is an economical and efficient solution for protecting your equipment. System of single key padlock and master...
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The DIAMOND keyed alike padlock with very high security ensures a maximum level of security to fight against the theft of your equipment. System of...
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Discover the Atlantic high-security stainless padlock. This padlock is resistant to sea water and represents an effective solution to protect against theft....

Payment, personalization, delivery: your purchases of key padlocks, stainless steel padlocks and interlocking padlocks

Each security lock is always delivered with 2 unique keys, but they will be the same for the whole series you buy. For example, if you buy 10 single-key padlocks, you will receive your stainless steel padlock with 20 identical keys. Learn more about our key systems: All information on the systems of master keys and identical keys for any padlock .

Designed mostly of stainless steel, our keyed alike padlocks provide many guarantees to protect different places or equipment.

As with all our products, the purchase of single key padlocks gives you many commercial advantages:

SBE Direct also offers you the possibility to adapt the key system that goes with our stainless steel padlocks according to your wishes:

  • different keys so that each user has specific access to their own keyed padlock;
  • identical keys to share access to all your employees;
  • keys are used to ensure that all stainless steel locks and padlocks are opened (as in hotels, for example)

Please contact us for more information on our range of keyed locks!