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ALPHA Ultra High Security Padlock

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the lock

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  • High performance padlock
  • Made in Germany
  • Customization possible
  • Also available in identical keys
  • Double ball lock : against opening attempts
  • Stainless steel sheath: padlock for outdoor use

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Make the choice of security by choosing the ALPHA 800 ultra-high security padlock. Perfect for indoor and outdoor padlocking, this padlock resists several tons of traction.

Why equip yourself with the ALPHA 800 high security padlock?

The Alpha 800 high security padlock is a concentrate of technology, making it one of the most resistant padlocks on the market. Here are the features that make it highly secure: 

  • The double ball locking of the lock allows the padlock to fight effectively against attempts to open it by drilling.
  • Ultra-hard double locking shackle made of manganese steel: for more security against forced opening, anti-picking.
  • The lock has a tensile strength of several tons.
  • The handle of this lock is entirely made of case-hardened and chromium-plated steel, thus preventing an attempt to open it with a hacksaw.
  • The lock is equipped with a pinch protection to avoid any forced opening with a cutter.
  • Padlocking outside is made possible by its stainless precision mechanism and its PVC sheath: the padlock is designed to resist external aggressions such as rain and UV.
  • This model is also available in a keyed version, available with a pass key from 10 units.

This combination of features makes the ALPHA 800 High Security Keyed Padlock one of the most effective keyed padlocks on the market.

The intrinsic characteristics of the ALPHA 800 

In order to choose your lock correctly, we recommend that you check the future location of the ALPHA 800 with the dimensions of the lock. This step will ensure that the lock meets your needs in every respect.

Intrinsic characteristics of the ALPHA 800
Diameter of the handleClear width of the handleClearance height of the handle Total height Draft number Weight

How to choose your security padlock?

Before buying a car you may ask yourself dozens of questions and wait before buying. What will I use it for? Does it suit me? Is it more like this model? 

Or rather this one?Well, for a lock, you should ask yourself the same questions: Will I need it for a classic drawer closing use or rather in specific thermal conditions? Will I use it indoors or outdoors? Do I need a code lock or a key lock? What type of key will I need?

As you can see, it's not just about buying a pen, it's about a very important, specific and extremely resistant security tool. So make yourself comfortable and carefully choose the lock that suits you!

First of all, what is the main purpose of this padlock? Are you going to lock it on a school locker (long shackle padlock) or rather on construction equipment (ALPHA 800)? With this, you will know which level of strength you need to access.

Then, you will have to determine inside which object/material the shackle of the padlock will go through? The reasoning is logical: the larger the size of the passage, the more you will adapt the size of the shackle diameter. For example, the diameter of the shackle of the ALPHA 800 high-strength padlock is 11 mm, so you will have to choose the right size.

In order to make the best possible choice of padlock, you should consider whether it will be exposed to indoor or outdoor use, water, sea water or chemicals. For outdoor exposure, the ALPHA 800 heavy-duty padlock is ideal because of its precision stainless steel mechanism.

One last question should come to mind. What size lock do I really need? Take measurements and try it out under test conditions.

How to choose a padlock key?

When you chose a lock, you certainly did not ask yourself the question of access to it. Who has the keys/code? Will the people who have the keys/code have access to all the locks? You will have to choose between keyed and coded padlocks. Although combination padlocks are preferred when many people are required to have access. Regarding keyed security padlocks, a choice must be made as to the type of keys and quantity desired. In fact, there are three types of keyed padlocks:

  • Padlocks with different keys: All sets of strips are different, each key opens the lock for which it is intended and does not open the others.
  • Identical key padlocks: All keys are the same. Suitable for companies with a multitude of padlocks.
  • Passkey locks: The passkey lock system works in the same way as a hotel manager's key that would open all the sports.

The combination of different types of keys will allow you to improve your key management. For example, all employees will have a key to open a specific lock and the manager will have a pass key to open all these locks. For efficient key management. To learn more about key systems, read our article All about key systems.

The ALPHA 800 ultra-high security padlock: the secure solution:

In the eyes of everyone, the use of padlocks is quite restricted: college lockers, office cabinets or even the lovers' bridge. However, there are many other ways to use a padlock.

With regard to the ALPHA 800 ultra-high security padlock, here are the possible uses of the padlock alone:

  • Securing high value assets
  • Construction machinery
  • Heavy equipment (security chain)
  • Warehouse and container security
  • Locking of truck doors.

But the padlock also works with a security chain to secure :

  • Scooters, scooters and other two-wheelers
  • Doors and gates without locks, such as park and garden gates

Personalize your ALPHA 800 ultra-high security padlock: it's now possible !

    Whether for marketing, logistical, practical or purely visual purposes, it is now possible to engrave with a powerful laser within the metal of padlocks, thanks to deep engraving technology. So let yourself be seduced by the engraving of a phrase or even your logo on your future padlocks!

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