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Safe-Tech® Laptop High Security Cable

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the cable

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  • Maximum security: Ø 6mm
  • All-steel lock termination
  • Highly secure flat keys
  • Push-to-lock system
  • 360° swivel head for total freedom of movement
  • Length: 2 meters

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The Kensington cable for PC is a device designed to protect your electronic devices from theft in potentially compromising locations. This robust key-operated steel braided anti-theft cable is the easiest accessory to use and provides deterrent protection against snatch theft. It safeguards your company’s sensitive computer data from malicious individuals.

A high-security PC anti-theft cable with unique design and excellent quality

High-security PC anti-theft cable with steel termination

This highly efficient high-security PC anti-theft cable features a steel lock adaptable to Kensington-style notches and iMac anti-theft notches (standard notch present on a wide range of computer equipment: laptops, flat screens, projectors, etc.). With this anti-theft device, your computer will be secure, and your data contained in your laptop will remain out of the reach of malicious individuals.

In addition to its elegant design, this laptop lock consists of a 4mm braided aerospace-grade carbon steel cable, a Kensington anti-theft head, and a highly durable carbon steel loop resistant to tension. The cable is covered with a 2mm sheath, resulting in a total diameter of 6mm. This thickness makes it highly resistant and can only be removed by applying extreme force to the support, which would inevitably damage the coveted product.

With its 2-meter length and 360° swivel head in the form of a T-Bar that fits into the notch, you can maintain the freedom to use your computer. Its installation does not impede the use of your device or access to peripherals such as USB or HDMI ports.

The rubber cushioning protects the device from friction between the two objects.High-security PC anti-theft cable with push-to-lock system

In addition, the "push-to-lock" locking mechanism allows you to lock it with a single click for added convenience. This high-security Safe-Tech® cable features a unique design that combines elegance and ease of use.

High-security PC anti-theft cable

A key lock for better cable management

This high-security anti-theft cable features a key lock system that offers a very high level of security. Unlike most cables on the market, the lock on this cable is compatible with a flat key, providing a much higher level of security than the tubular keys typically used for this type of cable.

Finally, the existence of master keys helps facilitate the administration of this cable. The master key can open all cables, regardless of the keys specific to each cable. The keys are numbered, making it easy to distinguish between different keys. The master key system is available for purchases of 10 units or more.

High-security PC anti-theft cable with master key

To learn more, read this article on the difference between identical keys and master keys to choose the physical security system that best suits your needs.

To learn more, read this article on the difference between identical keys and master keys to choose the physical security system that best suits your needs.

There are two other locking systems available:

Which objects are compatible with the Kensington PC cable?

The Kensington-compatible security cable was originally intended for protecting laptops that needed to be secured in shared locations such as coworking spaces, libraries, etc. It was also the first electronic devices to have a security notch.

Over the years, the 3x7mm Kensington-style notch has become more popular. It was the Kensington brand that initiated this product. Its use has expanded, and now we also find Kensington-type slots on many products. There are several products equipped with this notch: some laptops, computer screens, projectors, and certain computer monitors.

The standard Kensington lock can secure a wide range of devices as long as they have a Kensington notch.

When purchasing your cable, you need to be cautious as there are three types of notches. The cables do not work with all notch sizes. Below is a table that helps identify the type of lock you need:

Notch NameNotch SizeBrands Using ItExample of Products with the Notch
Noble Wedge Notch 3.2x4.5mm DELL Dell Venue XPS 11, 12, 13, 15, 18, Dell Precision M3800, Dell Inspiron 3000 series 11 and 13, Dell 7000 Series 13 and 14
Kensington Notch 3x7mm Apple, Lenovo, Canon Synology NAS Selector, Wacom Cintiq Companion Graphics Tablet
Nano Notch 2.5x6mm HP and Samsung HP Pavilion 15-eg0006nf, 15-eg0007nf, 15-eg2045nf

If you are unsure about the notch size, we also offer a universal 3-in-1 cable.

Regarding MacBooks, despite their high theft rate, they do not have a secure notch. However, there is an anti-theft device that adapts to your MacBook and creates the Kensington security notch you need.

This anti-theft cable is compatible with iMacs up to 2016, as they have a Kensington-type notch specifically designed for this purpose at the back of the screen.

How does the Kensington security cable work?

Using the cable is very simple, and the installation manual is included in the cable kit.

To install it, simply find an anchor point and loop the cable around it. The anchor point should be fixed or difficult to transport. This anchor point plays a significant role in the effectiveness of the anti-theft device. We recommend looping it around a heavy table leg if possible. For maximum security, we recommend opting for a wall anchor.

Now that you have identified your anchor point, create a loop around it by passing the end with the lock through the loop. Finally, insert the lock into the notch and push the "push-to-lock" head. Your cable is in place!


Data sheet

the cable
1 year
Ø Cable
Ø 6mm
220 g
Cable length
2 m

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This antitheft anchor plate is indispensable if you do not have a suitable anchor point. It is sufficiently sturdy and you can attach your antitheft laptop...

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