Safe-Tech® Laptop High Security Cable - 1
  • Safe-Tech® Laptop High Security Cable - 1
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  • solid steel ending of laptop security cable en
  • highly secure flat keys for laptop high security cable

Safe-Tech® Laptop High Security Cable

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the cable

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  • Full steel termination lock
  • Highly secure flat keys
  • Push-to-lock system

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At home on Wednesday 07 June 2023

Uniquely designed high security laptop antitheft cable.

terminaison_acier_1.jpgThis high performance laptop antitheft cable has a steel lock used with standard Kensington notches and imac anti-theft type(standard notch present on lots of computer hardware: computers, flat screens, keyboards, video projector, etc...).

This high security antitheft cable has a locking system that provides a very high level of security. Contrary to most cables available in the market, this cable is locked using a flat key, thus providing a higher level of security than tubular keys that are usually used for this type of cable.

Moreover, the lock has a "push-to-lock" system that allows you to lock it in a single click for more convenience. Thus high security cable Safe-Tech® has a unique, elegant design and is simple to use. Fastening the lock of the cable enables a 360° rotation for more freedom.


Premier quality and ultra-resistant antitheft security cable for laptop

The cable is made of braided aircraft steel(Ø 4 mm, Ø total 6mm) of 2m length. The full steel locking system provides excellent resistance to any attempt to cut this unbreakable cable with traditional tools. A rubber damper enables perfect compatibility to most notches (no clearance or friction damaging the equipment).


Finally, the master keys can help in managing this cable. The master keys system is available from a purchase of 10 units or more. The master key opens all the cables, irrespective of keys specific to each cable. The keys are numbered, which facilitates the recognition of various keys.

For more information, refer this article on the difference between identical keys and master keys, in order to select the hardware security system which best meets your requirements.

SBE being the designer of these Safe-Tech cables, we offer you the possibility to customize them according to your needs:

From a certain number of cables with a delivery time of 6 weeks.

You can change the following criteria:

  • the colour for 3000 cables 
  • the length per 1000 cables 
  • the thickness (cable diameter) per 1000 cables 
  • the shape (spiral or unwound) per 1000 cables 
  • the addition of a head at the end for 1000 cables 

You can also add your logo with 1 or more colours.

Please contact us directly for a personalized study.


Data sheet

the cable
1 year
Catalog code
C083 D088 ​​E191 F819
Ø Cable
Ø 6mm
220 g
Cable length
2 m

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This antitheft anchor plate is indispensable if you do not have a suitable anchor point. It is sufficiently sturdy and you can attach your antitheft laptop...

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