3-in-1 universal anti-theft cable - 8
  • 3-in-1 universal anti-theft cable - 8
  • 3-in-1 universal anti-theft cable
  • Non locked three-in-one anti-theft cable in slot
  • Locked secure cable fitting all locks
  • different three widths of notch for anti-theft cable
  • push to lock button anti-theft cable
  • 3-in-1 universal anti-theft cable - 2
  • 3-in-1 universal anti-theft cable - 3
  • universal coiled anti-theft cable packaging presentation
  • close-up head lock widest notch kensington
  • 3-in-1 universal anti-theft cable - 9

3-in-1 universal anti-theft cable

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  • Simple and robust
  • Carbon steel cable
  • Anti-theft device for all laptops with locking slot
  • Adaptable head to all slots
  • 3 positions: kensington, noble wedge, Hp nano
  • push-to-lock" locking system

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Computers are still a highly prized possession and attempts to steal them are still very common. The lock slot on computers is a device used to physically secure the system for use in a public place. There are more and more security slots available and it is sometimes difficult to find the right anti-theft cable for your computer.To make sure your cable fits the right notch, we recommend our universal PC anti-theft cable! The peace of mind of having a compatible cable.

The anti-theft computer cable: the assurance of a protected asset

anti-theft cable not locked in security slot  cut view of a braided steel cable with sheathIn addition to its elegant design, this anti-theft cable for laptops is made of very good quality materials. The security cable is made of 5mm diameter carbon steel braid. This thickness makes it very strong, and it cannot be removed only by extreme force on the bracket, inevitably causing damage to the product.

Our anti-theft computer cable can be used to protect all types of computers, from laptops to desktop computers and netbooks. It is also possible to secure all other goods and peripherals with a noble wedge, nano or Kensington slot.

However, if the device to be protected does not have a notch, we offer Kensington type security notches. With its double-sided adhesive with strong adhesion, you can affix it to any surface.

An ingenious system that guarantees a compatible anti-theft cable

At SBE Direct, we know that it can be difficult to be sure what type of lock you have. To ensure that your cable is compatible with your notch, the 3-in-1 Universal Cable is the solution to your worries.

It is called universal because it is suitable for the 3 types of lock slots available on the market. Its push-to-lock end cap has 3 positions that allow it to adapt to the size of the slot.

  • The first position corresponds to the so-called "Noble Wedge" slots, the smallest slot available today with its 4.5mm width.
  • The second position is for the "NanoSaver" slots which are slightly wider (6mm).
  • Finally, the last position of the cable corresponds to the most widespread slot of all brands: called "Kensington Microsaver" which is 7mm wide.

This ingenious system ensures a fully compatible product, preventing any possibility of error.

Which computers can be protected?

With this cable, no more headaches! It combines all the lock slots currently available on the market. All you need to do is make sure your computer has a slot and if necessary, you can add an adhesive slot.

Many brands equip their computers with notches: Apple, Dell, HP... But be careful, the size of the notch will differ depending on the brand. Here is a summary table which helps to see more clearly in terms of notches:

Name of the slotSize of the slotBrand using itexample of product having this slot
Noble Wedge slot 3,2x4,5mm DELL Dell Venue XPS 11, 12, 13, 15, 18, Dell Precision M3800, Dell Inspiron 3000 series 11|et 13, Dell 7000 Series 13 et 14
Kensington slot 3x7mm Apple, Lenovo, Canon  Serveur synology NAS Selector, Tablette graphique Cintiq Companion Wacom
Nano slot 2,5x6mm HP et Samsung  HP Pavilion 15-eg0006nf, 15-eg0007nf, 15-eg2045nf

The kensington notch is the first and most common notch integrated into computer products. Used on computers, it can also be found on TV screens and game consoles. As technology has evolved, devices have become thinner, requiring a thinner notch.

Macbook computers do not have a notch, but you can add the Macbook Pro Lock Adapter to allow you to connect the anti-theft cable with a key.

Easy to install and use

No glue or screws are required to install the cable. To install it, simply find the notch on your high-tech product to anchor the T-Bar head. However, if your product does not have a notch, you can easily add one with our safety notch.

Its long length (1.80m) allows you to anchor at a point far enough away from your electronic product. In order to secure your computer properly, make sure that the cable forms a loop around a fixed anchor point that is heavy to move. This will make it impossible to remove the loop and take the cable with the computer, for example. The loop is then closed by inserting the lock into the locking slot.

The lock does not require a key to close. With the push-to-lock system, a simple press of the lock button and the end cap unfolds to prevent removal.

This keyed cable has a raised lock for easy access when opening. The cable is supplied with two unique keys.

anti-theft cable not locked in security slotlocked cable in the security notch

A cable that does not interfere with the use of the computer

This anti-theft laptop cable does not hinder the use of the product in any way. You can freely use your computer and move it as you wish thanks to its tubular head which is difficult to reproduce and its 90° swivel head leaves you free to move.

Thanks to its well thought-out design, the head has been made to be as slim and space-saving as possible. This means that the connected cable does not interfere with other ports around it.

The various possible uses:

    • Securing a fleet of computers. This task can be complicated by the wide variety of makes and models.
    • You change your laptop and still want to use your anti-theft cable
    • In the library, to rent to students for peace of mind

    A lock for easy key management

    Finally, the existence of pass keys (or master keys) facilitates the administration of this anti-theft notebook cable in companies. The passkey system for laptop locks is available for purchases of 10 or more units. The master key allows the opening of all cables, independently of the keys for each notebook cable. The keys are numbered, making it easy to recognise the different keys for the laptop lock.

    For more information, see this article on the difference between identical keys and pass keys, so that you can choose the physical security system that best suits your needs.


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