the best complete kit for cold stamping
  • the best complete kit for cold stamping
  • the complete kit for cold stamping result

The Complete Kit For Cold Stamping

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the safe

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  • Customize your own aluminium plates
  • Create your own customized labels
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This complete kit for cold stamping contains all the equipment required for labeling your property and customizing all types of surfaces (metal, plastic, wooden, etc.) through a permanent indentation.

Equipped with an efficient and powerful engraving mechanism : characters in drawn steel on a treated steel die enable precise and permanent cold embossing on steel surfaces (except on treated steel).

The perfect calibration of the corrected blocks and the mechanically executed cold embossing ensure the perfect alignment of the type holder for extremely precise press marking or stamp marking. This type holder may contain a line of either 8 characters (height: 1 to 4mm) or 6 characters (height: 5mm onwards).

This complete kit for cold stamping allows you to customized, mark and number your plates and property as and when required.

It is an economical investment as it does not involve any additional costs and the high strength of the components used ensures durability.

• 100 characters (alphabets and numbers with duplicates) and 20 blocks
• 1 type holder for a perfectly aligned line of text
• 1 anvil in treated steel, fitted with a shaft for hammering (or a rotating shaft for optional press mounting)
• 1 six-point male Allen key
• 1 forceps for characters up to 4mm in height

The characters made of extra hard drawn, ground carbon steel treated at 58/60 HRC and nickel, are available in several heights (1 to 10mm), to perfectly meet your needs.
In order to ensure complete satisfaction, each kit undergoes a thorough final inspection.


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the safe
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Character height 3mm Ref. ACC-KCFF-M3

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Character height 4mm Ref. ACC-KCFF-M4

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1 693 €

Character height 1mm Ref. ACC-KCFF-M1

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1 784 €

Character height 1.5mm Ref. ACC-KCFF-M1-5

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1 784 €

Character height 2mm Ref. ACC-KCFF-M2

Quantités Prix € HT
1 649 €

Character height 2.5mm Ref. ACC-KCFF-M2-5

Quantités Prix € HT
1 693 €

Character height 5mm Ref. ACC-KCFF-M5

Quantités Prix € HT
1 820 €

Character height 6mm Ref. ACC-KCFF-M6

Quantités Prix € HT
1 974 €

Character height 8mm Ref. ACC-KCFF-M8

Quantités Prix € HT
1 1449 €

Character height 10mm Ref. ACC-KCFF-M10

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1 1657 €

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