Untransferable inventory tags

Ultra-destructible PVC labels, unfalsifiable labels, metal labels, discover our range of untransferable labels

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  • Reduced price
26.00€ Tax excluded
52.00€ -50%
  • Powerful, light and portable
  • Check UV zones with one action
  • Authenticate legal documents
  • Adjustable focal length

Untransferable labels, indispensable for carrying out your inventories as well as possible

Did you know that more than 5% of inventory labels disappear or are removed in the weeks following their application? This figure becomes more significant when your stock of assets is large: it can mean a significant loss of time and money. SBE has selected for you in this range the best untransferable labels on the market. Designed to carry out your inventories in the best possible manner, these unremovable labels deter any malicious person from pulling them off and ensure that the identification of the object in question is indeed the right one, allowing you to carry out a highly reliable inventory.

The different features of our destructible labels

We offer our blank labels, in rolls, or customizable to strengthen your company's brand image.

Metal labels are the essential element in identifying goods. This metal label will fulfil its tasks of identifying and protecting your goods.

The untransferable labels we offer are at very competitive rates and provide you with a secure inventory

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