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Ensure the identification and safety of your products with our identification labels

Traceablilty and security are key issues for any company. In order to meet your expectations, SBE Direct offers you several solutions and asset labels.

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The objective of the VOID asset label is to help you perform an inventory with reliable barcode labels, that effectively secure your goods, and at a...

Why choose SBE Direct for your identification and traceability label purchases ?

Our professional quality property tags provide you with an optimal and sustainable labelling of your company’s property assets thanks to the quality of our materials (PVC, polyester, aluminium, metal), providing true label security.

Unfalsifiable and unremovable, these identification labels will also increase the security of your marked property. For most of our property tags, any attempted removal results in the destruction of the identification labels for optimum security. Our other asset labels are extremely difficult to remove.

You can also complete your purchases with our non-transferable seals to secure all types of media (letters, boxes, mobile equipment, etc.).

A true specialist in security and identification solutions for goods and people, SBE Direct offers companies many advantages when purchasing identification plates or asset labels:

Would you like to know more about our range of professional labels and traceability solutions? Please contact us!