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FAVOR safe

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Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
  • Security accessible to all 
  • German made safe
  • An exceptional quality / price ratio 
  • A sure value 
  • Conforms to current European standards 
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At home on Saturday 09 March 2024

This German quality FAVOR safe tested in the BURG-WATCHER laboratory is the best quality/price on the market meeting all European standards in force . Thanks to this burg safe, don’t give burglars a chance and protect your personal or professional belongings in complete safety. It is possible to have your safe assembled, delivered and installed directly at its place of use. 

Choose your safe  

First of all, it is important to ask yourself the right questions when choosing your safe. We have summarized these questions for you to help you.

  • What type of goods I want to protect and secure (jewelry, works of art, valuables, sensitive documents, my everyday objects such as keys and identity papers, passport, etc.)? 
  • What is the value of the items to be protected (if the value is high, you will have to provide a certificate of security for the safe to my insurance company).
  • What volume will these effects represent in terms of space in the safe?
  • How much space do I have to install my safe?
  • Will my safe be placed and fixed on the floor or on a support or walled up?
  • Can the floor, depending on the weight of the trunk, accommodate my safe?
  • How much money do I have available for the purchase of my safe? 

The FAVOR safe, your daily security ally 

This new security safe is ideal for storing and protecting your personal belongings (confidential documents...). It is not advisable to put objects of too great value in this burg safe because there is no insurable value. With dimensions ranging from 170x230x170 mm up to 500x350x380 mm and can contain up to 55 L that allows you to properly store and protect your objects or documents.

Safe with unique key lock

The FAVOR safe is available in 7 formats, 3 with a single key lock and 4 with an electronic lock.

The FAVOR safe with a double bitted security lock offers millions of different combinations. The safe is robust with a single wall and is supplied with two keys.

Safe with electronic lock 

The FAVOR safe with electronic lock is comfortable to use thanks to its locking and unlocking by motorized bolts. Programming is extremely easy. The safe is delivered with batteries (4 x 1.5 V type LR6 AA), it requires no electrical connection and a mechanical emergency key is provided if necessary. It is robust with a single wall and is supplied with a mechanical emergency key. Be careful never to leave the emergency key in the safe.

To find out more, please consult our article about advices on installing a safe at home or in your company.

SBE Direct guarantees your German quality safe for 2 years and a prompt delivery.

ReferenceVolume (L)Weight (kg)Interior dimensions (mm)Exterior dimensions (mm)Insurable valueVisual
SEP-COF-FAV-S1K 5,2 3,3 168x228x136 170x230x170 NS
SEP-COF-FAV-S3K 9,5 4,5 198x308x166 200x310x200 NS
SEP-COF-FAV-S5K 18,6 7 248x348x216 250x350x250 NS
SEP-COF-FAV-S3E 9,5 4,5 198x308x156 200x310x200 NS
SEP-COF-FAV-S5E 18,6 7 248x348x216 250x350x250 NS
SEP-COF-FAV-S7E 38,6 12,5 412x307x305 415x310x350 NS
SEP-COF-FAV-S9E 55 16,5 497x347x375,5 500x350x380 NS

Personalised delivery: An additional service for your FAVOR safe deposit box

It is possible to have your safe delivered, assembled and installed thanks to an additional service that we offer. We offer you 3 personalised deliveries:

OPEN delivery, which allows us to deliver your safe to its place of use.

The GREEN delivery service, which delivers, installs your safe at its place of use. 

The GREEN + delivery which delivers, installs and fixes your

You can also choose the portage option to facilitate its installation.

Thanks to these offers, your safe will no longer be left at the bottom of your home. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Data sheet

1 year
Wall / Floor
Double bit / electronic key
Removable shelf
Available for S5K, S5E and S7E. Please contact us
Insurable value
no insurable value

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Lock Electronic Ref. SEP-COF-FAV-S3E

Quantités Prix € HT
9,5 L
Prix € HT
18,6 L
Prix € HT
38,6 L
Prix € HT
55 L
1 85 € 105 € 173 € 194 €

Lock with key Ref. SEP-COF-FAV-S1K

Quantités Prix € HT
5,2 L
Prix € HT
9,5 L
Prix € HT
18,6 L
1 72 € 68 € 92 €

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