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COMBILINE Small Fireproof Personal Safe

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The COMBILINE fireproof safe with European certification offers exceptional protection against theft and fire. It is possible to have your safe assembled, delivered and installed directly at its place of use. 

A small safe that meets European standards

This new fireproof safe manufactured by BURG-WÄTCHER complies with all current European security standards. The COMBILINE fireproof safe complies with security level S 2 according to DIN EN 14450 and security level B according to VDMA 24992, 5/95. It is a Class 1 safe with an insurable value of up to €25,000

With approved and certified protection against burglary and fire, the COMBILINE fireproof safe allows you to store documents, cash, jewellery, weapons or other valuables without concern.

The fireproof safe is available in 4 sizes, all with a key lock or an electronic lock.

A small safe that protects your belongings from fire 

This is why this fireproof safe complies with the LFS 30P fire protection standard in accordance with EN 15659, which guarantees 30 minutes of safety for documents, money or other objects with fire protection material in accordance with DIN 4102. 

Thus, this fireproof safe protects your belongings by keeping the temperature below 175 degrees (paper) or 50 degrees (computer), thus preventing your documents from burning inside the safe.

A high resistance small fireproof safe

Its double-walled body, its side and top locking by solid round bolts and its continuous locking rail on the hinge side make this safe a real bulwark against burglary. The solidity of the materials used allows it to resist shocks as well as any risk of abrasion and wear, allowing it to secure your goods for many years.

In addition, it is essential that your secure safe is sealed or built in to prevent thieves from easily stealing it with your items and documents inside. The COMBILINE fireproof safe is prepared for wall and floor mounting with high strength mounting material. Choose a discreet location out of sight so as not to tempt any malevolent person.

Thanks to this fireproof safe, you will no longer have to worry about the security of your valuables or documents. 

A choice of 2 tamper-proof locksserrure coffre-fort à clé

The COMBILINE fireproof safe is available with 2 types of high security lock: key or electronic combination.

The key lock is a double bit "SecuSafe" high security armoured lock. This lock is ECB-S certified according to EN 1300 class A with 9 tumblers and 1,000,000 different closures

This fireproof computer safe is also available in the "SecuTronic" electronic lock format with 1,000,000 possible combinations.

These locks are tamper-proof and are designed to be difficult to break into and destroy. Opt for the single key lock if you are the only person to access the safe and there is no risk of losing it. On the other hand, opt for the electronic lock if you prefer to memorise a code that you can share with people you trust.

serrure biométrique

Biometric lockThe fire safe is ECB-S certified according to EN 1300 class B. A practical advantage with a consistently high level of security. In addition, the fireproof safe has an intelligent menu guidance with the management of a programmable 6-digit code, 1,000,000 possible combinations. A blocking time is activated if the code entered is incorrect after 3 attempts, so burglars have no chance to try many combinations. Moreover, you can read the opening history very easily via the graphic display. Note that 3 x LR03 AAA and 3 x LR 6 AA batteries are included.

To find out more, please consult our article about advices on installing a safe at home or in your company.

A fireproof safe available in 4 sizes

When buying a safe, it is important to choose the right size for the contents you want to store and protect. At the same time, the size also depends on where you want to place your safe. This fireproof safe comes in 4 different sizes, ideal for small and large volumes.

Below is a small memo to help you choose the size of your safe:

  • 5 to 20 litres: small objects (jewellery, hard drive) or documents (passport, etc.).
  • 20 to 50 litres: A4 documents, computer equipment (laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.)
  • > 50 litres: all types of bulky objects. Find our large capacity safes (50 and 78L) in our "Burg Watcher Safes" category.

ReferenceVolume (L)Weight (kg) Interior dimensions (mm) Exterior dimensions (mm)Visuals
SEP-COF-CL10-S 15 44 205x320x232 320x435x380
SEP-COF-CL20-S 27 55 245x380x297 360x495x445
SEP-COF-CL40-S 50 77 445x380x297 560x495x445
SEP-COF-CL60-S 78 111 694x380x297 820x495x445
SEP-COF-CL10-E 15 44 205x320x232 320x435x380
SEP-COF-CL20-E 27 55 245x380x297 360x495x445
SEP-COF-CL40-E 50 77 445x380x297 560x495x445
SEP-COF-CL60-E 78 111 694x380x297 820x495x445

Personalised delivery: An additional service for your COMBILINE fireproof safe deposit box

It is possible to have your safe delivered, assembled and installed thanks to an additional service that we offer. We offer you 3 personalised deliveries:

  • OPEN delivery, which allows us to deliver your safe to its place of use.
  • The GREEN delivery service, which delivers, installs your safe at its place of use. 
  • The GREEN + delivery which delivers, installs and fixes your

You can also choose the portage option to facilitate its installation.

Thanks to these offers, your safe will no longer be left at the bottom of your home.

Delivery in continental France only (excluding Corsica) and on the ground floor. For any other destination, or configuration (installation by floor, assembly, etc.). Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Data sheet

1 year
Wall / Floor
Excellent (Security level S2 according to DIN-EN 14450 / security level B according to VDMA 24992, 5/95)
General resistance
Burglary and fire (Fire protection LFS 30P according to EN 15659 / DIN 4102)
Gray body, light gray door
Insurable value
up to €25,000

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