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Carrying all your professional equipment easily and serenely is possible with our safe protective cases. Regardless of size and weight, you will find the right case for your needs in our product line. Its automatic pressure balancing valve technology and its O-ring seal guarantee a perfect seal. Take care of your fragile and valuable items while traveling.

Secure carrying cases for safer travel

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Opt for a Protective case with wheels to transport your most bulky and weighing objects your wheel-mounted transport case for easy-to-date displacements...
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Sensitive equipment needs protection and since 1976, the answer has been the Peli ™ Protector case. These cases are designed robustly and travel the hardest...

What is the advantage of a secure case over a conventional case? 

Secure cases share many of the same features as a carry-on case. Also available in many sizes, you'll find large and small cases that are more secure than our waterproof cases. 

Like waterproof cases, security cases are impervious to dust and water. Most cases are IP67 certified. This certification asserts a total sealing to dust and authorizes an immersion up to 1 meter deep and during 30min. This impermeability is due to the EPDM O-ring seal. They also have a great resistance to temperature differences generally from -20° to +50°. They can therefore be easily taken into all hostile environments. 

Often adapted to a professional or even military use, the security cases aim to protect all your fragile and valuable objects. 

The difference between waterproof and secure cases lies in the padlock ring. The 9mm O-ring of the secured cases is reinforced because it is made of steel. It is therefore impossible to tear off the ring to open the case. This reinforcement represents an additional security. We advise you to use the PROFI High Security Padlock - Large Shackle or the DIAMOND Very High Security Padlock.

There is also a special case that is suitable for the transport of medical equipment and also for tools. Thanks to its foldable compartments, it is easier to organize the case. 

The security cases can be wheeled or waterproof and are always hard-shelled. 

Copolymer cases to ensure better protection during transport

Our safe cases are all made from very strong polymers: 

  • Polypropylene: particularly hard and rigid, this material resists very well to high temperatures (over 100°) and is extremely resistant to shocks and external aggressions (UV, solvents...). This very resistant material is perfect for hardcase shells.
  • High resistance injected polyethylene: the particularity of this material is its lightness. It is 40% lighter than conventional polypropylene. This technology offers a military protection, your objects deserve the best protection. 

The handles and latches are also made of polymer, in the same material as the case. 

As previously stated, the rings are not made of copolymer - unlike the carrying cases. To improve its robustness, the rings are reinforced by a steel coating. Thus, the ring is unbreakable and untearable. These rings are used to pass a padlock, a plastic security seals or lead seal to prevent any unwanted opening. The seals have a unique serial number, which provides additional security. This unique number makes it possible to verify that there has been no break-in. For example, a seal can be easily broken and replaced and no one will see the break-in. 

Thus, secure suitcases provide additional protection for the container. The various materials mentioned above make it a real safe. You can be sure that its contents will not be compromised or damaged during your travels. If the case has to travel, or be moved suddenly, you can have peace of mind about your fragile or valuable items.

What are the advantages of the waterproof case?

Unlike traditional hardcases, security cases are tested and certified against dust and liquids. As a result of these tests, cases can be assigned an IP rating, which measures how impervious the device is to dust and water. The index applies to all products: smartphones, walkie-talkies, briefcases... Developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

The protection index is composed of two numbers: the first number indicates the degree of protection against dust and the second number indicates the waterproofness to liquids.

Some of our cases are certified with an IP54 rating. The solid protection class 5 corresponds to the impermeability to dust deposits. Scale level 4 is splash resistance. This means that the safe cases cannot be submerged without damaging the contents.

The second protection rating is IP67, which refers to total impermeability to dust and guaranteed waterproofness up to 1 meter and for 30 minutes. Don't worry about its contents, the storage stay safe.

Safe ases specifically standardized for military use

example of military use of secure case

Most security cases have a DEF STAN 81-41 or STANAG 4280 certification, which you can check in the product specifications.

These standards are the result of agreements between NATO countries regarding packaging and various standard methods of storage, which will protect the goods from deterioration, physical and mechanical damage. These standards ensure that goods remain in good working order from the time of purchase until use, despite extended periods of storage and/or multiple shipments.

These criteria subject the safe cases to an extensive battery of standardized endurance and quality tests designed to simulate extreme situations. 

Peli cases have met and exceeded the challenges measuring their resistance: 

  • Vibration 
  • High impact (drop test) 
  • High and low temperatures for extended periods (up to 55º Celsius for 48 hours and down to -20º Celsius for 16 hours). 

Secure cases provide maximum protection for your sensitive military equipment. These products are ideal for weapons, medical instruments, deployment kits, platoon kits or anything that needs to be protected in hostile terrain.

 Protective cases can be customized

Safe protective cases to ensure maximum security. For this, we offer two possibilities: 
example of foam machining for firearms

  • Custom foam machining. This machined foam is denser, more resistant and machined to the dimensions of your equipment. You have the choice of the foam used: cross-linked polyethylene foam (plastitrogen, XPE), polyurethane foam and on request, all specific types (antistatic foam, conductive foam, fireproof foam, etc.). Thus, it is possible to cut the foam perfectly to the shape of your object: weapon, drones, cameras, lenses... It is also possible for the foam to be colored for a better visualization of the presence or absence of material in the safe case.

example of safety case marking

  • Industrial marking. A product marked with your brand allows you to spread your brand image to your customers. It is quite possible to affix your logo, your tagline, a serial number on your valid. The serial number can be a real asset if each of your salesmen or employees has his own case. The marking can be done via two techniques: screen printing (high quality printing but more expensive) or via adhesive lettering (use of vinyl, simpler and more economical).

Do not hesitate to ask for a quote to know the price of your personalized secure protective case.

If you need a specific color, please contact us.