Protective case with wheels- 518x285x183cm - 1
  • Protective case with wheels- 518x285x183cm - 1
  • Protective case with wheels- 518x285x183cm - 2
  • Protective case with wheels- 518x285x183cm - 3
  • Protective case with wheels- 518x285x183cm - 4
  • Protective case with wheels- 518x285x183cm - 5

Protective case with wheels- 518x285x183cm

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Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
  • Super-light proprietary HPX² ™ Polymer
  • Automatic Purge Valve - Keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure
  • Business card holder
  • Maximum airline carry on size*
  • Quiet Rolling Stainless-Steel Bearing Wheels
  • Retractable extension handle

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Opt for a rolling Waterproof protective case to transport your most bulky and weighing objects

Your wheel-mounted Waterproof protective case for easy-to-date displacements

Thanks to the telescopic handle, the 518x285x183cm transport case can be moved wherever you want. Rolling cases are particularly popular when it comes to transporting heavy, hard-to-move objects. It is also possible to lift it normally thanks to the robust and ergonomic handles on the side of the case. This practical system gives you the choice of carrying your case in a more conventional way with the handle or more easily with the wheels. 

A resistant case in all conditions

The transport case with wheels is IP67 certified. The IP rating is an internationally standardised norm for classifying objects according to their protection against solids and liquids. These cases have been designed to travel in the harshest environments on earth: against extreme cold and desert heat. Peli carrying cases will accompany you wherever you go.

An IP67 rating means that the product is dust and waterproof for 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1m. So you can easily carry them in the desert, walk with them in the pouring rain... 

The product will remain intact thanks to the O-ring that ensures maximum protection.These tough cases are designed with an automatic purge valve, which equalizes the air pressure, a waterproof silicone O-ring roller cover, over-moulded rubber handles and stainless steel hardware.

Choosing Peli quality ensures that you have the ideal bag for all your tools, heavy, fragile or valuable objects. Much more practical than a textile carry bag, a hard-shell carry case means convenience and protection.

Customizable Waterproof protective cases

All our chatters are customizable. There are several customization options (not all available on all models):

  • Marking: It is possible to affix your logo on your suitcase to shine your brand image
  • Custom foam machining: This foam is denser and resistant than the pre-cut foam that you find as an option classic. You will be able to create all the storage space necessary for its use.
  • Foam padding: This thin coating stuck on the inner walls leaves all the place in the briefcase while protecting your objects.
  • machined platinum: this raw aluminum plate can be machined on Measurement for all your uses, often used to install connectors

To know the conditions of customizations of your Waterproof protective cases, contact us directly.The customisation of your case may slightly extend the delivery time.


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5 706 € 706 € 706 € 706 €
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