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    RFID Epoxy Tag

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    the 100 keychains

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    • Well-designed key-fob
    • Front and back customisable
    • RFID Technology
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    Chip / Technology

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    This well-designed and modern RFID key-fob is a practical product allowing reliable and secured access control to entrances to buildings, car parks or secured doors thanks to the RFID tag.

    Different types of chip for different uses

    This RFID tag is one of the most widespread formats. This RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology is a contactless identification technology developed to store and recover data at distance using a transmitter/receiver system. This technology uses an antenna and a chip containing a series of data, activated by a magnetic signal emitted by an RFID reader of the same frequency.

    This PVC key-fob with RFID tag adapts to all types of situation for optimal security. It can be used in companies to control access to the entrance to buildings, to certain floors, or to certain rooms, but also to secure access to car parks. The RFID badge can easily replace the RFID card or the RFID label. Give yourself the opportunity to identify, protect and supervise your resources with a well-designed and modern key-fob.

    The readers allow the emission of radio frequency signals to detect RFID chips within their range. Depending on the intended use and level of security chosen, it will be sufficient to choose a type of chip in your RFID tag adapted to the RFID reader of your choice. RFID tags are more efficient and easier to read at higher frequencies.

    Customised Epoxy Tag

    This RFID key-fob is covered with a resin dome to protect its surface. The key-fob can be entirely customised.

    1 - Choose the shape of your modern RFID tag

    All shapes (as far as possible) are feasible.

    2- Choose the colour

    Make your choice of colour. All colours are available. Four-colour printing.

    3- Choose your logo

    Four-colour printing of your logo or other symbol can be done front and back of your RFID key-fob.

    4- Choose your RFID chip

    You have the choice of 4 different technologies:

    TK4100 (LF 125 KHz) EM4200 (LF 125 Khz) NXP Ultralight EV1 (HF 13.56MHz) Fudan 08 (MF1K Compatible)

    5- Go further in your customisation

    It is possible to improve the security of your epoxy tag and to encode the chip (if compatible with writing) with a personal identifier, information about the holder or even encrypted information for your RFID badge reader.
    For this option, choose a read/write RFID key-fob with storage capacity as the type of chip: Fudan 08

    To learn more about RFID technology, read our article “Understanding RFID in 10 points” in the “SBE advises you” section of this site.


    Data sheet

    the 100 keychains
    the 100 keychains
    Catalog code
    Full color front / back
    Resin dome
    Full color printing
    Standard round shape: 25 mm in diameter Standard rectangular shape: 30x40 mm Customizable shape: fixed cost of 850 €

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    Chip / Technology TK4100 (LF 125 KHz) Ref. ICB-PRF-TK4-EP

    Quantités Prix € HT
    5 177 €
    10 163 €
    15 153 €

    Chip / Technology EM4200 (LF 125 Khz) Ref. ICB-PRF-EM4-EP

    Quantités Prix € HT
    5 210 €
    10 193 €
    15 181 €

    Chip / Technology NXP Ultralight EV1 (HF 13.56 MHz) Ref. ICB-PRF-NXP-EP

    Quantités Prix € HT
    5 203 €
    10 186 €
    15 175 €

    Chip / Technology Fudan 08 - MF1K Compatible (HF 13.56MHz) Ref. ICB-PRF-F8-EP

    Quantités Prix € HT
    5 170 €
    10 156 €
    15 147 €

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