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    Blank rfid label

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    the roll of 2000

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    • 3 sizes of ISO standard RFID label
    • An efficient and affordable RFID technology
    • 4 types of RFID chips available
    • Encoding is optional
    • 100% valid checks after manufacturing
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    This blank RFID label is very efficient for the security of movable property and products. This discreet and reliable RFID self-adhesive label is also effective for the traceability of products and company inventory. It is suitable for stores, businesses and warehouses.

    Inventory-warehouse-RFID-tag reader-protection-case

    The discreet RFID label is much used for the security of products in the store. Today, the use in businesses does not end here. The RFID tag is particularly effective for the traceability and inventory of goods in warehouses. The particularity of RFID is to be able to detect a chip up to 6 m (depending on its frequency) and thus greatly facilitate inventories in large spaces. Also, RFID tags enable traceability and logistics follow-up of the products from their manufacture until the sale, including storage and will therefore be usable with an RFID reader.

    Our blank RFID adhesive label is available in different sizes

    This RFID tag is the most used medium owing to its discretion and its ability to be read without being seen It has an antenna and a chip housing a series of data and is activated by a magnetic signal emitted by an RFID tag reader.

    This label with an RFID chip, in untearable PVC, has a powerful adhesive that allows it to be attached to different types of surfaces or objects, both on the product and inside the product. To be effective, select the frequency and the size of the label according to the nature of the object to be identified. The bigger the size and higher the frequency, the more efficient and readable the RFID tag will be over a longer distance just like an RFID card.


    Fudan 08NTAG 2013NXP i-code SLIXAlien H3

    Several RFID label templates are offered, three sizes are available:

    • A rectangular format (73x21 mm in ultra high frequency),
    • A round format (2 labels with a diameter of 27mm for a frequency of 13.56 Mhz)
    • A square format (47x47mm for a frequency of 13.56 Mhz)

    Optional (on request)

    It is also possible for us to encode the chip (if compatible with the script) with a customized identifier, personal information of the bearer, or encrypted information.

    In order to be safe, do not hesitate to protect your RFID chip with our RFID protective case, Anti-piracy case for RFID chip.

    Finally, for more information on RFID technology, read our article "Understanding RFID in 10 points" in the "SBE recommends" section of this site.


    Data sheet

    the roll of 2000
    The roll of 2000
    1 year
    Square / Rectangular / Round
    Alien label: 73 x 21mm

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    Chip / Format Alien H3 Ref. MSE-ERF-AH3

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    Chip / Format NXP NTAG 2013 Ref. MSE-ERF-NTG

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    Chip / Format Fudan 08 Ref. MSE-ERF-F08

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    Chip / Format NXP i-code SLIX Ref. MSE-ERF-SLIX

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