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    RFID Tag

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    the 100 keychains

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    • Light and robust keyholder
    • 4 colors are available
    • Secured RFID technology for identification
    • 3 chips RFID of ISO standard available
    • Optional customization and encoding
    • 100% validity checks after manufacturing
    Chip / Format

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    This RFID keyholder is a simple and practical product which suits all situations. With this RFID key, it is possible to control access reliably and securely at the entrance of buildings, parking lots or secured doors using the RFID tag.

    Access-control-RFID-key- holder-protection-case

    This RFID keyholder is one of the most widely used mediums. It can be found in different situations such as access to buildings, companies or entry into parking lots. Beside the traditional companies, it is possible to use the RFID badge in leisure parks or sports clubs.

    This RFID keyholder is available with different chips for different uses

    rfid-keyholder-protection-caseThis RFID tag is one of the most widely used mediums. It has an antenna and a chip housing a serie of data, activated by a magnetic signal emitted by an RFID reader of the same frequency.

    This PVC RFID keyholder adapts to all types of situations for optimal security. It can be used in a company for control of access to the entrance of buildings, certain floors or certain work rooms, but also to secure access to parking lots. The RFID badge can completely replace the RFID card or the RFID tag.

    Depending on the intended use and the level of security to be reached, you will have to select the right type of chip included in your RFID tag adapted to the RFID reader of your requirements.

    Depending on the chip, the frequency and rate of data transfer is higher. The higher the frequency, the more efficient and easy to read the RFID tag.

    This RFID keyholder may be either read-only or read / write mode


    Most of the RFID access tags are sold in read-only mode to simply authorize access when they are in contact with the reader. Our RFID badges in read-only mode that correspond to standards are EM4200 Original or TK4100.

    For better security and customization of information, you can also store this information in your RFID access tags through an encoder reader (optional or on request). For this use, select a read / write RFID keyholder with storage capacity like the reference Fudan ISO 14443A (Mifare 1k compatible).

    This RFID keyholder is available in four different colors: gray, blue, red and black


    Customize your RFID keyholder

    On these RFID keyholders, we can print the chip serial number in black inside the box for quantities of 1000 or more.

    A customized RFID badge (on request)

    It is also possible for us to encode the chip (if compatible in write mode) with a customized identifier, bearer's name information, or encrypted information for your RFID card reader.

    keyholder-customized-label-case-protectionWe can also provide the 17mm diameter round stickers ready to be stuck with your logo or text on the RFID badge. For customization of 1000 units or more, please count a time frame of 3 weeks after the signing of press proof.

    In order to gain security, do not hesitate to protect your RFID keyholder with our RFID protection case anti-piracy case for RFID chip.

    To know about RFID technology, read our article "Understanding RFID in 10 points" in the "SBE recommends"section of this site.

    Chip typeFrequencyReading distanceReading / WrittingReference
    EM4200 Keyholder, Original 125 KhzApprox. 0,5mReading ICB-PRF-EM4-R/N/B/G 
    TK4100 Keyholder (EM compatible) 125 KhzApprox. 0,5mReading ICB-PRF-TK4-R/N/B/G
    Fudan ISO 14443A Keyholder13,56 MhzApprox. 1mReading / Writting ICB-PRF-FM1-R/N/B/G

    Data sheet

    the 100 keychains
    the 100 keychains
    Catalog code
    E988 F988
    Gray / Red / Blue / Black
    600g carton of 100
    30mm x 37mm
    Print color

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    Chip / Format EM4200 Original Ref. ICB-PRF-EM4-R

    Quantités Prix € HT
    Prix € HT
    Chip number printing
    5 172 € 172 €
    10 149 € 149 €
    30 129 € 129 €

    Chip / Format TK4100 (EM compatible) Ref. ICB-PRF-TK4-R

    Quantités Prix € HT
    Prix € HT
    Chip number printing
    5 115 € 146 €
    10 99 € 126 €
    30 86 € 110 €

    Chip / Format Fudan 1K ISO14443A (Mifare 1k compatible) Ref. ICB-PRF-FM1-R

    Quantités Prix € HT
    Prix € HT
    Chip number printing
    5 119 € 119 €
    10 103 € 103 €
    30 90 € 90 €

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