combination alarm security system for laptop en
  • combination alarm security system for laptop en
  • alarme de securite portable a combinaison on laptop bag

Combination alarm security system for laptop

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The lock

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  • Powerful 105db alarm sound
  • Sensitive motion detector
  • 4 digit combination lock
  • Quick and easy installation

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Have you ever had a computer or tablet stolen while you were out and about or in your bag? We have the solution: the combination alarm lock. This little tool could be the answer to your problems !

At SBE Direct, our priority is your safety and the safety of your property. In this sense, we make every effort to ensure an optimal level of protection. Nevertheless, in France, there are nearly 75,800 laptop and tablet thefts every year. This phenomenon is constantly increasing.

We therefore wanted to react and offer you the solution that is most suitable for mobile devices and thus ensure the security of the electronic objects you own.

We let you discover this product that could well revolutionize your business trips: the combination anti-theft alarm padlock. Choosing this alarm system is to ensure the protection of your property.

What is a combination lock ?

In order to better understand the combination anti-theft alarm padlock and its operation, it is necessary to discern the different types of padlocks.

Just like car ranges and their long-running series, padlocks also have a large family, as there are nearly 16 categories. The most important families being :

  • Keyed padlocks : Keyed padlocks are made up of small free hooks which, on reaching a certain position, engage the mechanism and therefore the cylinder.
  • Combination padlocks : The combination lock is self-contained in the sense that it doesn’t need a key to operate.

To learn more about the different types of padlocks and especially which one to choose according to your needs and uses, we have written the following article:Which security padlock to choose ?

Dimensions :

Dimensions Combination alarm padlock
Length 31 mm
Width 56 mm
Height 122 mm

Combination alarm padlock : the guarantor of the security of your goods

Initially designed to protect and prevent theft of your laptops and tablets, this anti-theft alarm padlock is also very well suited to secure bags. It can also be used as a bicycle lock. Similar to a classic code lock, it has an alarm option that allows you to warn and prevent any theft attempt. Its completeness and resistance offers you several degrees of protection which are :

  • Its self-retracting stainless steel anti-theft cable of 0.90 m length. In the event of an attempted theft, a 105 dB alarm is triggered, releasing a shrill sound.
  • Its unstoppable motion detector, which from the moment it is put into service will not allow any undue movements or manipulations to occur.
  • Its 4-digit combination, which lists more than 10,000 possibilities, allows you to avoid the multiplication of potential keys.

When we think of our products, we think completeness and simplicity, which is why the combination alarm padlock comes with a connector that is compatible for Kensington-style notches and thus provide direct protection for your laptops.

Intuitive, the stainless steel cable retracts into the case, at the touch of a button..

An unbeatable transportable safety device !

At SBE Direct, we are committed to the safety of not only your property, but also yours. That’s why we are constantly pushing innovation to the limit. This research and these innovations lead for the most part to successful, safe and qualitative products. This is the case of our combination alarm padlock.

This anti-theft system is a technological feat, combining innovation with its motion detector and know-how with its stainless steel anti-theft cable. This combination allows us to guarantee you a device with a very high level of protection.

A well-calibrated 105 dB (decibel) alarm that goes off in the following situations :

  • If the motion sensor is activated or triggered,
  • If the cable is damaged or cut,
  • If the lock code is forced.

Lightweight and compact, this combination alarm padlock will make your life easier when traveling for business and other purposes.

It is to know that when this padlock is torn off or mishandled, an indicator light appears which is synonymous with the activation of the device. Following this, the motion detector activates the audible alarm and makes a shrill sound of 105 dB.

To stop the alarm, there is only one solution: enter the 4-digit code previously selected and saved in the combination alarm padlock.

This device works with three 1.5V AAA batteries and has a secure battery compartment. However, you will need to place a separate order for the batteries that are not supplied with the anti-theft alarm padlock.


Data sheet

The lock
1 year
Ø Cable
Ø 0.9mm
Pull-out resistance
50 Kilos

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