combination alarm security system for laptop en
  • combination alarm security system for laptop en
  • alarme de securite portable a combinaison on laptop bag

Combination alarm security system for laptop

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The lock

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  • Powerful 105db alarm sound
  • Sensitive motion detector
  • 4 digit combination lock
  • Quick and easy installation

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In France, more than 75,800 laptops and tablets are reported stolen every year. Worst of all, incidents of theft are increasing at an alarming rate: between 2008 and 2012, there has been an increase of 30.5% in the number of thefts. Therefore, ensuring the security of electronic devices is the focal point of attention nowadays.

Securing fixed objects is usually only a formality. But how do you go about securing movable objects such as your laptop or your bag while you are on the move?

We have the perfect solution for you: Choose the laptop security alarm.

Extremely handy, this laptop antitheft alarm closely safeguards your computer

Secure your laptops, computer briefcases and desktop computers with this portable alarm that offers you triple protection:

- An automatic retractable antitheft steel cable that is 0.90m long and extremely hard to break sets off a piercing 105db alarm sound in case of tampering.

- A motion detector prevents any kind of tampering or manipulation of the alarm when it is enabled.

- A 4 digit combination (10,000 possible combinations) reduces the possibility of deciphering the security code.

This alarm comes with a connector that can be inserted into the Kensington slot. It is perfectly suited for all types of laptops.

No matter where you go, your peace of mind is guaranteed!

Lightweight and compact, this portable alarm will make your life easier during your business trips or holidays. It is ideal especially when you are in transit, in train stations and airports, or even in restaurants and waiting rooms.

Once it is set up, the alarm will emit an indicator light signaling the activation of the device. If the device is tampered with, the system will immediately set off an extremely powerful and continuous alarm thanks to its highly sensitive motion detector. The only way to disarm the alarm is by entering the pre-designated 4 digit combination code.

Opt for the best portable security device available in the market.

This revolutionary security system is the first to be synced with a motion detector with a stainless steel security cable, making it an extremely efficient security device capable of ensuring a very high level of protection.

Designed to meet the highest security standards, the alarm sets off in cases where:

-The motion sensor detects movements and is triggered;

-The cable is cut or tampered with;

- There is unwarranted attempt to disarm the lock code

With this laptop security alarm, you will be able to travel peacefully without having to constantly monitor your personal belongings.

This device is powered by 3 AAA type 1.5V batteries. Secure battery compartment Batteries not included.


Data sheet

The lock
1 year
Catalog code
A069 B069 C090 D095 E017 F017
Ø Cable
Ø 0.9mm
Pull-out resistance
50 Kilos

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