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    SATO specific ribbons

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    Box of 25 ribbons

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    You have purchased a Sato thermal transfer printer and you wish to label your assets using technical labels. This resin ribbon or wax/resin ribbon, specially designed for the SATO thermal transfer printer is the ideal solution as it offers you the best possible label print.

    The special SATO ribbons, adapted to all branded thermal transfer printers have been specially designed to deliver maximum performance and label prints of excellent quality. The ribbons undergo systematic tests, and ensure the longevity of the print head.

    It allows you to immaculately print your logos, texts, numberings and barcodes. The ribbons ensure that you acquire the best quality label prints. The labels thus printed will have unmatched accuracy and can be scanned with any standard barcode reader available in the market. Moreover, these thermal transfer ribbons are universal and are perfectly adapted to all types of label materials: paper, polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, polyester etc.

    Choose from our range of resin ribbons or wax/resin. The resin ribbon is ideal for use in difficult conditions because of its unique resistance to many solvents such as alcohol, oils, grease, etc., and its capacity to maintain the print quality of the labels.

    Other ribbon sizes and colors are available on request: blue, red, green, white and brown.

    The thermal transfer ribbon can be effectively used in all conventional thermal transfer printers as well as SATO printers and are even used by manufacturers of identification tags.

    It is also possible to protect each thermal transfer label with our transparent protection, in order to optimize the life of your labels and obtain the most optimal label printing possible.

    There is 25 ribbons per boxes. 

    ReferenceFormatQualityPrinter compatibility
    IMP-TT-CG2-CR5555x100mWax-Resin CG2
    IMP-TT-CG2-R5555x100mResin CG2
    IMP-TT-CL4-CR6065x300mWax-Resin CL4NX - WS4
    IMP-TT-CL4-CR8384x300mWax-Resin CL4NX
    IMP-TT-CL4-CR11110x300mWax-Resin CL4NX - WS4
    IMP-TT-CL4-R6065x210mResin CL4NX - WS4
    IMP-TT-CL4-R8384x210mResin CL4NX
    IMP-TT-CL4-R11110x210mResin CL4NX - WS4
    IMP-TT-CT4-CR8383x100mWax-Resin CT4i
    IMP-TT-CT4-R8383x100mResin CT4i

    Data sheet

    Box of 25 ribbons
    per 25 ribbons
    1 year
    Catalog code
    A030 B030 C035 D034 E091 F091
    Thermal / Digital Transfer
    Printing resistance
    General resistance
    Oils, solvents, alcohol, fats
    Wax or wax / resin

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    Quality Resin Ref. IMP-TT-CG2-R55

    Quantités Prix € HT
    55 x 100 m
    Prix € HT
    110 x 210 m
    Prix € HT
    65 x 210 m
    Prix € HT
    84 x 210 m
    Prix € HT
    83 x 100 m
    1 331 € 939 € 550 € 711 € 464 €
    5 295 € 838 € 491 € 634 € 414 €

    Quality Wax / Resin Ref. IMP-TT-CG2-CR55

    Quantités Prix € HT
    55 x 100 m
    Prix € HT
    65 x 300 m
    Prix € HT
    84 x 300 m
    Prix € HT
    110 x 300 m
    Prix € HT
    83 x 100 m
    1 205 € 403 € 521 € 688 € 289 €
    5 183 € 360 € 465 € 614 € 258 €

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