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Special UV thermal transfer ribbon

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This UV ink thermal transfer ribbon is designed to print security labels with variable data (barcode, name, logo...) in order to identify your goods discreetly and anticipate the risks of loss or theft.

A UV ink ribbon for optimal security labels

étiquette avec encre uv invisible

These special UV ink ribbons are suitable for thermal transfer printers, designed to provide optimum performance and quality label printing. The ribbons are systematically tested and maintain the longevity of the printhead. 

You can print sensitive information, text or logos in UV for invisible identification.

These will be uniquelyétiquette sous lampe uv accurate so that they can be easily read with a UV lamp. In addition, these thermal transfer ribbons are universal, and are perfectly suited to different label materials: paper, synthetic paper, glossy paper, coated polyethylene.

UV ink on mat label

UV ink is highly resistant to scratching and smudging. The ink is transparent in natural light and yellow under UV light. It is therefore important to avoid storing it in sunlight and electric light, as this can affect the quality of the ink.

Resin is ideal for use in harsh environments due to its unique resistance to many solvents such as alcohol, oils, greases, etc. while maintaining its label printing quality.

It is also possible to protect each thermal transfer label with our transparent protectors, in order to optimise their life span and to enjoy the best possible label printing.

Note that the resin leaves a shiny effect and not transparent on the matte labels as shown on the photo.

The ribbons are sold in boxes of several rolls, the number of rolls varies depending on the size of the ribbon.

  • 55mm x 100m: 16 rolls
  • 55mm x 150m: 16 rolls
  • 65mm x 300m: 12 rolls
  • 65mm x 210m: 12 rolls
  • 83mm x 100m : 10 rolls
  • 84mm x 300m : 10 rolls
  • 84mm x 210m : 10 rolls
  • 110mm x 210m : 8 rolls 
  • 110mm x 250m : 8 rolls
  • 110mm x 300m : 8 rolls

The thermal transfer ink ribbon also works with all the thermal transfer label printers including SATO and CAB that we offer. They are even used by most manufacturers of identification labels.

Ribbon compatibility chart for our printers: 

55x100m CG2 - WS4 - CT4LX
55x150m CL4NX - EOS2 - EOS5 - MACH4S - SQUIX2 - SQUIX4 
65x300m CL4NX - EOS2 - EOS5 - MACH4S - SQUIX2 - SQUIX4 - WS4
65x210m CL4NX - EOS2 - EOS5 - MACH4S - SQUIX2 - SQUIX4
83x100m CG2 - WS4 - CT4LX
84x300m CL4NX EOS2 - EOS5 - MACH4S - SQUIX2 - SQUIX4 - WS4 
84x210m CL4NX - EOS2 - EOS5 - MACH4S - SQUIX2 - SQUIX4  
110x210m CL4NX -  EOS2 - EOS5 - MACH4S - SQUIX2 - SQUIX4 
110x250m CL4NX - EOS2 - EOS5 - MACH4S - SQUIX2 - SQUIX4 
110x300m CL4NX - EOS2 - EOS5 - MACH4S - SQUIX2 - SQUIX4 - WS4

For more details on label printing, see the following articles: 

Label rolls: essential consumables for printing with a label printer.

How to choose the best label printer

Bar code label printers: 4 professional questions to ask yourself before buying

- How to choose the right ink ribbon for quality labelling?


Data sheet

the box
the box
1 year
Thermal transfer
Printing resistance
General resistance
Oils, solvents, alcohol, fats
Couleur encre UV

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Format 55mm x 100m Ref. IMP-TT-RUV-55100

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Format 55mm x 150mm Ref. IMP-TT-RUV-55150

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Format 65mm x 300m Ref. IMP-TT-RUV-65300

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1 927 €

Format 65mm x 210m Ref. IMP-TT-RUV-65210

Quantités Prix € HT
1 636 €

Format 86mm x 100m Ref. IMP-TT-RUV-83100

Quantités Prix € HT
12,7 mm
1 380 €

Format 84mm x 300m Ref. IMP-TT-RUV-84300

Quantités Prix € HT
1 999 €

Format 84mm x 210m Ref. IMP-TT-RUV-84210

Quantités Prix € HT
1 699 €

Format 110mm x 210m Ref. IMP-TT-RUV-110210

Quantités Prix € HT
1 732 €

Format 110mm x 250m Ref. IMP-TT-RUV-110250

Quantités Prix € HT
1 872 €

Format 110mm x 300m Ref. IMP-TT-RUV-110300

Quantités Prix € HT
1 1046 €

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