Tampon Authentifiant Haute-Sécurité
  • Tampon Authentifiant Haute-Sécurité
  • Tampon Authentifiant Haute-Sécurité

High Security Authentication stamp

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  • Reinforced monitoring of the documents
  • Difficult to imitate
  • Fully customizable
  • 2 security levels
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Derived from the technology applied to banknotes, this highly secured stamp allows you to give a high level of security to your most sensitive official documents. Authentication is carried out instantly with a UV lamp revealing the invisible ink. Fully customizable, this security stamp enables you to efficiently secure your official documents.

The right reflex: systematically stamp your sensitive documents for an optimal security process.

Security-stampWith the help of this security stamp, you ensure strong protection against tampering to your official documents, certificates. Once your documents are signed, you stamp your unique customized logo with invisible ink on it making any attempt at duplication impossible. Authentication is immediate thanks to the UV lamp making the chemical components of the ink react and become visible to the naked eye. For maximum protection, it is recommended to use papers without optical brighteners, for better reflection of the invisible ink under UV. Look up our secure paper range in stock in our store.

The security stamp is similar to any other stamp. With dimensions (11.5cmx7cm) and a total weight of 350 grams, it is a discreet solution for the security of your documents. The ink cartridge has a remarkable shelf life and can secure up to 15000 documents. In addition, a unique and customizable serial number , visible under UV rays, can also be placed. In case of loss, or theft of a stamp, we recreate a new stamp with a new serial number, making the old number obsolete. Thus, if a stolen stamp is used by another person, verification of the serial code will make the forgery visible.

Customization of your secured stamp

1: Select the print format

Whether it is small, rectangular or circular, the print of the secured stamp can be customized in the following sizes:

Secured-stamp-print-size -identification-documents
2: Select your security color sets

Select the number of colors, up to four colors, that should appear on your stamp. Each color is available in 3 sizes:

- Visible black : similar to conventional ink stamps, this ink will remain visible under UV and under daylight.
- Chromotropic : Ink possessing chemical polymer chains linked together that give a particular color in daylight: red, yellow or blue and under UV light another color. The UV light contributes by reorganizing the structure of the chains, transforming the initial colors into new colors: green, blue, yellow or fluorescent red
- Invisible ink : Completely invisible in daylight, the concentrated UV rays contribute by photoinitiating the chemical polymers and monomers present in the composition of the ink, making their chains unstable. This excitation makes them visible and a yellow or red color then appears.

Color Colors restored under UV Ink
BlackBlack dot BlackBlack dot

Visible ink

Invisiblewidth= Fluorescent redwidth=

Invisible ink

Invisiblewidth= Fluorescent yellowyellow dot
Redwidth= Fluorescent yellowyellow dot

Chromotropic visible ink

Redwidth= Fluorescent blueblue dot
Redwidth= Fluorescent red"
Yellowyellow dot Fluorescent greengreen dot
Blueblue dot Fluorescent greengreen dot
Blueblue dot Fluorescent blueblue dot

Print examples:

When you place your order, we will ask you to provide us with a design and specifying what color combinations and inks are chosen for the different parts of your graphics. To do this, refer to the ink combinations table above. You can indicate the details of the colors you wish in the comments box while placing your order. For more information on the type of file we need for your layout, please refer to our page SBE recommends / Print your logo . A final press proof will then be provided for signature before starting the stamp manufacturing.


Data sheet

Le tampon
à l'unité
2 ans
Code catalogue
E1008 F1008
350 grs
Vendu avec
Lampe UV, 4 feuilles de papier non azurant

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  • 2 levels of security
  • Entirely customisable
  • ISO 9706-1999 certification
  • Falsification becomes impossible

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