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Want to produce a large number of access badges in record time? Without investing in an expensive card production system? Without putting your staff to work on it? Without spending your time managing production and follow-up? Do you want quality cards without having to constantly redo them?

The success of your personalised cards is a priority for you and we know that.

That"s why we recommend you trust them with a professional who knows the profession, who knows your time requirements, budget and is equipped with the industrial machinery to produce high quality cards at a reasonable cost. We can create all types of badges (from the simple cardboard ones to protected chip cards) for any budget. For access control badges, we offer a high quality 750 microns PVC card (idem banking card), where all information and identification techniques (barcode, magnetic strips etc.) are flooded" at high temperature on both sides by 2 thick layers of crystal PVC, which gives them a longer and superior lifespan, look great and makes them forgery-proof and unalterable.

Your logos, graphics and clear text, contrasted and bright.

We adapt the best colour printing techniques (offset, silkscreen or digital) for your badges depending on the number of colours selected and the quantities to print, in order to obtain the best possible value for money. In all cases, print quality will provide great contrast and bright colours.

Your variable data will be protected and forgery-proof.

Each card usually contains unique data such as the person"s name, contact details, date of birth, level of authorization, date of validity, function… The print colour is black, high resolution (300 dpi) with strong contrast We can apply all kinds of Windows fonts and font sizes. This variable information, like with fixed printing, will be "flooded" in the centre of the card under a thick transparent protective layer. They will be perfectly protected, will not be erased and will not be changed for absolute security. You can send us this information in the most practical way for you: database, Excel file, text file and all directly by email.

Contact us for more information.

The picture: This is the most direct visual means of identifying the holder of the badge with the naked eye.
Our hot sealing techniques for the different layers of the card allow us to insert into the heart of the card either a traditional photo or a digital image that it is impossible to change or modify without destroying the card.

The magnetic strip: compliant with the most current ISO 1 standard and offering a better level of security which makes it illegal and much more difficult to reproduce. Again, it is very important that this magnetic stripe is not just stuck on the card, but is well integrated into the heart of it, which is the case in our process.
High strength stripes (2750 oe). We also offer cards with ISO 2 and 3 stripes. To read or encode this stripe, see our magnetic stripe readers.

The barcode: The easiest and least expensive, each card is identified by a single barcode.
This barcode will not be erased or scratched as it is sealed at the centre of the card.
For a marginally higher cost, choose the barcode infrared masking option, which prevents it from being reproduced (for example, by photocopying), but it remains legible for traditional readers (CCD and laser). For linking the barcodes, see our barcode badge readers.

The time stamp: This is also a simple and direct way (for the naked eye) to authenticate the badge and certify that it is an original. We can insert a standard holographic stamp (a dozen to choose from) or customized (minimum 10,000 cards) under the upper laminated film. For a simpler level of security, you can also add a holographic label to your badges. We can also add other authentication elements with a higher security level such as an invisible UV mark, guilloche printing, microprinting, micro-inclusions… Consult us.

Writing white: To guarantee the originality of the card, we can print on the back of the card a white signature strip (as on credit cards) intended to receive a handwritten signature. For pricing, count one extra colour.

The electronic chip: It offers the maximum security level available to date on a card.
There are many types of chip available, the technology is evolving daily and the choice of them depends of course on your reading equipment. Contact us for a customized quote.

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