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SBE Direct offers a wide range of barcode readers including a variety of models suitable for different areas of activity. SBE Direct offers a wide range of barcode readers comprising of a variety of models suitable for different types of activities. We have products like barcode readers, autonomous mobile terminals and wireless barcode readers.

1 - Barcode scanner

CCD barcode reader

They are large surface area barcode readers and are used in various sectors, from small business to department stores, and in the medical field. These sectors use fine-trigger readers to scan labels quickly and easily to transfer and analyse information quickly and then process orders and records. For example, the CCD 6000 scanner which is the most widely used, reaches record levels of scans during holidays.

The barcode reader is a reader connected to PC or Mac computers. They read different types of codes ranging from 1D, which are basic linear barcodes, to 2D; a category including more complex codes such as QR codes.

The following is an example of a classic 1D barcode barcode

Here is an example of a 2D code or QR code

QR code barcode

We invite you to discover the OPI3601 with a 2D reading head. This is a 2D CMOS imager scanner. The superior quality of this new reading system makes it capable of reading 1D and 2D codes.

Some models offer their users an automatic mode that can only scan when the barcode is under the reading head. The user who doesn't like clutter can put the Bluetooth barcode reader on their stand and pass the codes under the head as with the OPR 2001 auto-trigger reader. All our scanners have a fixed cable.

To find it, here"s a picture of the different scanner features we offer at SBE:

ReaderWeightSpeedTemperatureReading headMaximum reading distance
OPL-6845Z90 g100 scans/s-5°C to 50°C1D Laser45 cm
OPR 320180 g100 scans/s-5°C to 50°C1D-2D Imager50 cm
SC6000 CCD200 g200 scans/s-10°C at 50°C1D Laser10 cm
OPI 360185 g60 scans/s-5°C to 50°C1D-2D Imager10 cm
OPR -200160 g100 scans/s-5°C to 50°C1D Laser50 cm
OPR -3001210 g100 scans/s-10°C to 60°C1D Laser10 to 60 cm
L 51 X335 g60 scans/s-20°C to 50°C1D-2D - postal code Imager14 cm
OPR 3001i110 g100 scans/s-0° C to 50°C1D-2D Datamatrix postal code Imager30 cm

The density of the codes read ranges from 0.127 to 1 mm for the narrowest.

2 - Wireless Barcode Reader

Portable barcode readers will make your work more convenient. This type of laser barcode reader is commonly used in activities such as inventories for shops, warehouse, or postal services. Strengths: They are light and their compact size means they are more simple and practical. They are ideal for outdoor use.

For example, the OPN 2001 (left) is the smallest mobile barcode reader on the market, but also the best, with a RAM memory of 64 kB and reading capacity of 100 scans/sec.1D 2D QR code barcode reader

Some barcode scanners are able to read several types of barcodes. The PX 20 is the compact autonomous data collector that reads 1D and 2D barcodes. It is the ideal tool for your inventories.

List of different codes read:

・ 1 D (read by laser technology readers, uses red ray)
JAN/UPC/EAN with Add-on; NW -7/Codabar; Code 11; Code 39; Code 39 Full ASCII; Code 93; Code 128; GS 1-128 (EAN- 128); IATA - 2 out of 5 manufacturers- 2 out of 5 interlaced; Italian Pharmaceutical; MSI/Plessey; UK/Plessey; RSS -14; RSS Limited; RSS Comprehensive; Telepen; Tri-Optic; UCC/EAN -128; GS 1 databar (RSS); ISBN-ISSN; Matrix 2 out of 5, MSI/Plessey; S-Code; UK/Plessey
・ 2D (the imager readers work by photographing the code and reading the 2D, they are also able to read 1D codes): QR code; Datamatrix; Chinese Sensitive Code; Maxicode;
・ Postal code: Chinese Post, Korean Postal Authority Code

A 2D barcode reader can read 1D.

To find it, here is a table of the different characteristics of portable inventory readers that we offer at SBE:

ReaderCable/CableAutonomyWeightFormatReading SpeedTemperatureTechnology
OPN 2001USB cable included Optional base12 hours29 g32 x 62 x 16 mm100 scans/s0°C to 40°C1D Laser 2D Imager 2D
PX-20Base and cable included35 hours40 g34 x 71 x 15 mm60 scans/s-10°C at 50°C2D Imager 2D
OPL 9725Base and cable included200 hours85 g44 x 125 x 19 mm100 scans/s-10°C at 50°C1D Laser

The codes read can be up to 30 cm wide depending on their density.

The density of the codes read ranges from 0.127 to 1 mm for the narrowest.

3 - Standalone mobile barcode reader terminals

standalone mobile barcode

Reader terminals are a real asset in business, they don"t just scan, but also analyze data and send it directly to a network. These are not only barcode readers, but also mini-computers and QR code readers which you can directly work remotely. With integrated software at your standalone terminal, you can perform advanced data collection and wireless transmission in real-time for on-site applications, including price control and audit, inventory, customer support and merchandise.

This range of laser terminals can easily be connected to the network by Wlan, Wifi, Bluetooth and cellular technology, but also thanks to the cable and the base provided the data can be loaded and sent. Their physical characteristics are complemented by their high performance, surprising for a barcode reader of this size.

The portable terminals are suitable for different occupations: in the transport sector, stock management, inventories (whether they are daily or much less frequently and important). Shop managers will also find them very useful.

The H27 is one of the most compact models of the 1D and 2D laser barcode machines in our range (pictured here left). It combines performance and finesse, is ergonomic, and is clearly suitable for use in-store or for stock management.

Here is the range of inventory terminals with a weight ranging from 100 to 350 grams for remote use and other uses:

ReaderBase/CableAutonomyWeightFormatSpeedReading HeadReading Distance
OPL 9815Base and cable included50 hours115 g44 x 140 x 22 mm100 scans/s1 D -2 D- Imager3 to 30 cm
OPH 3001USB cable included, optional base40 hours156 g58.2 x 180.8 x 23.8 mm100 scans/s1 D -2 D- Imager20 cm
H32USB cable included, optional base8 hours195 g64 x 143 x 28 mm100 scans/s1D Laser10 cm
Dolphin 6110USB cable included, optional base4 to 8 hours213 g126 X 23 X 76 mm104 scans/s1D- 2D Imager5 to 33 cm
OPH 1005Base and cable included40 hours140 g55 x 136 x 23mm100 scans/s1D Laser12 cm
H27Cable, USB included, optional base8 hours244 g77 x 147 x 19 mm100 scans/s1D-2D Imager30 cm
H25USB cable included, optional base8 hours235 g62 x 144 x 26.2 mm100 scans/s1D-2D Imager26 cm
H22USB cable included, optional base8 hours340 g151 x 75 x 25 mm100 scans/s1D-2D Imager12 cm

Do you want full information about barcodes for your professional activity? We cannot recommend enough that you consult the excellent Wikipedia article on barcodes.

For information on any of our products, the SBE Direct team is on hand to help.

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