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    Opticon OPH 1005 Batch Laser terminal

    837,00 Tax excluded

    the terminal

    Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
    • 2’’ Screen , 320x240pxl
    • Alpha digital keyboard
    • 100 scans / sec
    • OS Opticon


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    At home on Monday 31 January 2022

    This easy-to-use Batch Opticon barcode reader operates like a small handheld computer. With its pleasant and professional design, it is ideal for use in industry, distribution, and information gathering in the field

    Batch Opticon OPH 1005 Laser Terminal

    This Opticon Laser terminal is the successor to the OPH 1004 reader

    This Opticon terminal is an improved version of the OPH1004. The OPH 1005 offers more efficient use in your business, and its screen is now backlit QVGA colour. It helps you to find your way more easily and to better check the data you are saving. While the OPH1004 was equipped with a 1D reader head, its successor the OPH1005 reads not only 1D barcodes but also 2D type barcodes such as QR codes and datamatrix (PDF 417).

    With an internal memory of 128 MB, it allows you to work in peace, without worrying about the storage limit. Its ultra-fast processor and 100 scans/sec reading speed make it the perfect tool for reading barcode labels.

    Batch Opticon OPH 1005 Laser Terminal side view

    Inventory software integrated in the Opticon laser terminal

    With the aid of the Opticon inventory software, this QR-Code terminal adapts perfectly well to applications for large inventories as well as for more regular inventories. With this reader, you will find a communication and charging cradle that is used to recharge the battery of your device and also to transmit the integrated data to the Opticon Terminal.

    Highly resistant

    This Opticon laser terminal is protected against dust and also against water splashes in all directions. In addition, we can assure you that it is highly resistant, able to withstand falls of 1.5 m on hard surfaces.

    Technical CharacteristicsBatch Opticon OPH 1005 Laser Terminal front view

    • Reads 1D* barcodes
    • Reading rate of 100 scans/sec
    • 128 MB Flash Memory
    • OPTICON programmable (development software provided)
    • Colour Screen
    • Resistance: fall of 1.5m on concrete and temperatures of -10°C to 50°C
    • Weight 140g
    • 2-year guarantee


    Data sheet

    the terminal
    1 year
    Catalog code
    E1004 F1004
    100 scans / sec
    Temperature resistance
    -10 ° C to 50 ° C
    128 MB
    40 hours
    Sensor type
    Type of reading
    Reading distance
    Resistance to falls
    Number of bar codes read


    Terminal OPH 1005 (EN)

    User Manual Terminal Laser Batch Opticon OPH 1005

    Download (4.15M)

    Terminal OPH 1005 (EN)

    Sales Guide Terminal Laser Batch Opticon OPH 1005

    Download (4.84M)

    Manuel logiciel inventaire

    Download (208.97k)

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