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Our anti-theft systems and anti-theft cables for laptop computers

Discover the most complete range of anti-theft cables to effectively protect your company’s mobile computer equipment. As a specialist in security of property and people for 20 years, SBE Direct designs many powerful solutions and anti-theft systems to secure your PCs and laptops such as our PC cables and high security cables.

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eco laptop blue color security cable with keys en
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the cable

Colored, very light, economical, fine and practical anti-theft laptop cable, to carry with you everyday. This anti-theft cable for laptop is an extremely...
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the cable

Discover the Multi-head laptop security cable. This PC-laptop antitheft cable is ideal for securing multiple notebooks and laptops simultaneously. The...
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This antitheft anchor plate is indispensable if you do not have a suitable anchor point. It is sufficiently sturdy and you can attach your antitheft laptop...

Your purchases of anti-theft cables for the protection of computer equipment

  • Cables at attractive prices. These light and discreet anti-theft cables are perfectly adapted to the protection of netbooks and ultra portable devices.
  • Galvanized aeronautical steel safety cables.
  • Anti-theft combination systems.
  • Etc.

All of these anti-theft computer cables offer an optional master key system that always allows the administrator to undo a cable with a single master key.

With SBE Direct, you benefit from a complete range of anti-theft systems and anti-theft cables to protect your laptops and desktops.

Concerned about meeting the needs of companies, we offer you discounted rates according to your purchase volume in order to achieve economies of scale. The prices of our anti-theft systems and anti-theft cables are fully transparent and easily comparable.

SBE Direct also guarantees you a secure payment by Internet for your various purchases by credit card or PayPal system.

Feel free to take advantage of all our advantages and guarantees to complete your purchases with various other products: cable keys, safe, security alarms, etc.

For more information on our anti-theft cables and other computer anti-theft systems, contact us!