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  • example custom blue security seal white printing smcf
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Security Label - Zero transfer

De 300,00€ à 439,00 Tax excluded

per roll of 500

Tax excluded Livraison : 1 à 3 semaines
  • No adhesive residue
  • Very dissuasive
  • Seals all your metallized and reusable materials
  • Customizable according your desires and needs

Total : 878.00€ HT

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security-label-anti-fraude-zero-transfertThis customizable zero-transfer anti-fraud adhesive label seal allows you to seal reusable packaging and surfaces that need to be kept clean and pleasing to look at (e.g. doors).
Particularly suitable for the medico-legal framework, as well as for air and ground transport companies, car manufacturers, companies with a fleet of vehicles, the luxury industry, and the organisation of public events.

Increase security when transporting your goods and sealing your doors with this reliable, deterrent, trace-free seal..

Thanks to a system of acrylic adhesive without transfer, this customizable adhesive seal with 40x85 mm high security leaves no trace of residue on the concerned support. In the event of a breach of the label, a message appears clearly on the surface of the label itself, without impacting the area where it was affixed. train, of car, of bus, but also for the doors in the forensic frame, of CD/DVD and so on.

In the case of normal shipping conditions, the seal should remain unaltered until delivery or the predefined time of opening. If the seal has been damaged, an "OPENED VOID" message will be revealed on the tampered label, instantly indicating that the door or vehicle has been either opened, defaced or exchanged.

Anti-fraud zero transfer adhesive seal VOID

An indisputable deterrent against unwanted intrusions and acts of vandalism.

This customizable security seal will mainly allow you to

  • Sealing fleets of vehicles in the event of immobilization or inactivity (ensures that vehicles have not been opened or moved)
  • Ensuring post-action security in aircraft: sealing doors after internal inspection, sealing meal tray containers, duty-free product containers and secure containers, but also certain types of hold baggage (e.g. weapons).
  • Protect and seal expensive raw material containers and your storage cabinets
  • Avoid the exchange of products in in-store packaging (especially luxury goods)
  • Sealing evidence samples in police investigations
  • Sealing payment terminals to prevent tampering with them
  • SealingUSB flash drives to prevent information theft
  • Sealing CD and DVD sleeves to ensure that the contents are not visible.
  • Ensuring the protection of sensitive and vandal-prone areas by preventing squats and theft
  • Designing product packaging
  • Protecting fragile or dangerous elements
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of products in the design and development phase and securing them.
  • Preventing the exchange of goods during transport.
  • Developing packages requiring the intermittent opening of compartments

Print a message on your anti-fraud adhesive seal

When ordering your anti-fraud adhesive seal, you can print a black message on the seal. Do not hesitate to share the message you wish to convey.

door seal

Personalization of the surface of the anti-fraud adhesive sealcustomized security labels

You will be able to customize the label to your brand image, by modifying this information :

  • Fixed visuals: logo, text, slogans...
  • Variables: barcodes, numbers, QR-codes...
  • Colour: red, blue, green, grey, yellow, purple...
  • Format: 9 standard formats in mm

This customization will provide you with a much higher level of security and will allow you to strengthen your company’s brand image. You will thus be able to bring a real personal touch to your seals. The printing is done with a black colour, using the thermal transfer method, a technique that ensures a perfect rendering of the product. The cliché costs are only charged for the first production. (The announced delivery time is effective after approval of the printing order).

For optimal use, the safety adhesive must be applied with sufficient pressure on a flat, dry surface, free of dust and grease. It is also advisable to avoid touching the adhesive surface in order to preserve its effectiveness


Data sheet

per roll of 500
per roll of 500
1 year
High performance acrylic
Red Blue
40x85 mm labels
Zero transfer
Temperature resistance
10°C to +40°C
Chuck diameter
Total roll diameter
12.5 cm

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