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Numbered Security Seal Tape - Complete Transfer

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the roller

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  • Highly deterrent against fraud
  • Highly resistant
  • Unique code enables to trace the package
  • Perfectly secure all your packages

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This security adhesive seal roll helps seal your cartons and packages used for transporting confidential documents or valuable goods. It is particularly used in medico-legal, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors as well as the luxury goods industry.

Very effective on most papers and cartons, this numbered seal is ideal for sealing envelopes, paper bags, carton tubes and documents.

Transport your goods with greater security with this high security seal.
Using this high performance acrylic adhesive system with complete transfer, the self-adhesive tape leaves a clear and visible message in case of tampering.
Moreover, the presence of a unique and non duplicable code(it will never be produced on another seal) on each pre-cut band provides effective protection against fraud : If you have sent a parcel to the company Y with the number 10964, it is specifically this number that should be written on the packet when routing the parcel. If the company does not receive the package with this number, it means that it has either been opened, modified or exchanged.


A security adhesive roll effectively deters from vandalism of the parcel and confidential documents.

This security seal is mainly used to:

  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of the products in the design and development phase.
  • Protect and codify your fragile or dangerous components (specifically in the pharmaceutical industry).
  • Secure your wrapped palettes for transport.
  • Fight against any internal theft of the products in transit phase and your stocks at the warehouse using numbered optimum protection.
  • Design packages that require the compartments to be opened intermittently(on a specific day, the compartment with a specific number should be opened).
  • Number and thus protect your archived equipment stock.
  • Prevent the exchange of goods during routing (the departure number should be the same as the arrival number)
  • Design the packaging of products.
  • Protect sensitive files with limited access.

Customize your security seal:

From 480 rolls, and above it is possible to save more, and customize your seal.

Customization of the seal surface
You can display various types of fixed information: logo, text, slogans, etc. This custom security seal provides a significantly higher level of security and helps enhance the brand image of your company. Made with a solid color, the print ensures a perfect rendering of the product.

Add €545 for processing costs. Contact us for a quote

Customization of VOID adhesive
If you wish to display a specific message in case of tampering of your seal, you can replace the words "OPENED VOID" with any other words or sentence of your choice (for example, the name of your company for the highest level of security).
You can thus perfectly adapt your roll to your needs and show evidence of tampering as desired.

Processing costs of €545 will be charged. Contact us for a quote.

In case of normal use conditions, the seal should not be damaged on the arrival of the goods at the delivery site. If tampering has taken place, the latter will indicate an irreversible «OPENED VOID» message, immediately indicating a malicious act.

For optimal use, the safety adhesive must be applied with sufficient pressure on a flat, dry surface, free of dust and grease. It is also advisable to avoid touching the adhesive surface in order to preserve its effectiveness.


Data sheet

the roller
the roll of 330 strips
1 year
Catalog code
C169 D179 E803 F803
Extra strong acrylic
Roll of 48mm x 50m - 330 precut strips
Total transfer
Temperature resistance
from -20 ° C to + 80 ° C

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