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Long-term Tracking Heavy Duty Tag

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the 100 plates

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  • Very resistant to external forces
  • Wide range of colours
  • 3 customisation options

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This polyethylene identification plastic tag will allow you to identify and certify the ownership of electrical poles, conduits and cable beams. Specially designed for the telecommunications sector, this tag is very resistant to external forces. SBE offers deep laser engraving to customise your plastic tag with your text and numbers.

A durable polyethylene identification tag

This 73.5 x 50.5 mm professional tracking tag was designed specifically for the identification of electrical poles, conduits or cable beams. It serves as a unique registration or identification plate. It is suitable for outdoors and underground. Made of polyethylene, this tag withstands temperatures ranging from -50° to +85°, but also moisture, UV, impact and chemical agents. With 4 round holes measuring Ø 2.8 mm and 4 oblong holes measuring 2.8 x 11.5 mm located at the ends, you can choose to fix this tag with a stainless steel or plastic clamp, screws or nails. It saves a considerable amount of time and is profitable long-term.

This plate is RoHS certified.

3 options for fully customising your plastic tag

You have the choice between several colours to stand out: black, green, red, blue, orange, yellow and white.

  1. For tracking and for unique identification of items to be inventoried, SBE offers a deep laser engraver that guarantees permanent marking. You can choose to burn between 1 and 4 lines and it has a maximum capacity of 48 characters (12 characters per line, character height: 5 mm) to personalise your plate: " PROPERTY OF ", COMPANY NAME, SEQUENCE OR UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER. 

     From 4 boxes of 100 attachments. For a laser engraving of a barcode or QR code, contact us.   

  2. Cold press embossing with our cold press numbering machine.

 3. If you prefer to keep control of your identifiers and engrave this tag yourself, we offer you a manual cold press.



Only on quotation, price from 5000 €, contact us.


Data sheet

the 100 plates
Per pack of 100
with clamp, screw or nails
General resistance
temperatures between -50 ° and + 85 °, humidity, UV, chemical agents, shocks
Polyethylene, except the white plate: polypropylene
4 round holes of Ø 2.8mm and 4 oblong holes of 2.8 x 11.5mm
0.6 kg per 100 plates
73.5 x 50.5 mm

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