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    3M Rigid Anodized Color Aluminium 1mm Machine Plate

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    the plaque

    Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
    • Interior/ Exterior
    • Enhances your brand image
    • Very high quality
    • Easy maintenance

    Total : 600.00€ HT

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    At home on Thursday 18 November 2021

    Are you looking for a durable and affordable aluminum nameplate? Opt for this rigid 3M aluminum builder’s plate. Robust, it allows you to identify your professional equipment and certify the conformity of your products for many years, in any environment.

    This aluminum nameplate withstands the most extreme conditions

    Specially designed for small quantities - from 10 pieces upwards, this 1 mm thick aluminum firm plate, also called aluminum construction plate, withstands the harshest industrial conditions. It is resistant to large temperature differences (from -60 to +400°), UV rays and is therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. This manufacturer’s plate holds up very well in aggressive chemical environments (solvents, oils, acids...).

    Fixed information (logos, texts, designs) in the color of your choice is printed on this metal label, by deep electrochemical anodization.  It is possible to have up to 3 different colors on your plate.

    We can also add on each property plate of any variable information, (different in every plate) such as serial number, barcodes, component number, dates..., laser engraved on each asset label. This aluminum name plate can be perforated with 2 holes, or stuck with the most powerful adhesive in the market, the 3M468.

    These plates are particularly adapted to identify products with a serial number (electrical appliance, motor vehicle...) or to identify the belonging of a product to a company. 

    Test the best aluminum identification plate that identifies your company property.

    If the product cannot accommodate an identification plate, you can affix a more flexible identification label with double adhesive to its packaging or documentation.

    We recommend an optional thick transparent varnish that will provide the best protection to your aluminum identification plate.

    Like these ownership plates, we offer yet another a tamperproof plate that ensures secure labeling of your property.

    The conformity plate with European standards

    This nameplate can be used as a conformity plate with the CE marking, which is compulsory for certain types of industrial products mentioned in the European regulations. Products that are not covered by this regulation are not allowed to bear this marking. The latter allows the free circulation of your products on the territory of the European Union and attests the conformity of your products to European standards. 

    Once you have assessed the conformity of your products during design and manufacture, you can proceed with the CE marking with the required information such as the technical characteristics and the CE logo.

    Thanks to this nameplate, you can ensure the traceability of your products in compliance with the law in force. It is a guarantee of the professionalism of your company and the quality of your products.

    For more information on manufacturer plates, please see our article "the manufacturer plate, a device to identify industrial products".


    Data sheet

    the plaque
    1 year
    Catalog code
    C050 D056 E135 F135
    2 or 4 holes - 3M468 adhesive - no fixing
    Very powerful
    Printing resistance
    Optimum / Protected
    General resistance
    Oils / Solvents
    75x400m ; 100x50mm

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    Format 75x40mm Ref. MIS-PFM-74-TR

    Quantités Prix € HT
    2 holes
    Prix € HT
    No fixing (without holes or adhesive)
    Prix € HT
    3M468 adhesive
    Prix € HT
    3M468 adhesive + 2 holes
    10 60 € 48 € 60 € 71 €
    50 15 € 12 € 15 € 17 €
    100 7.9 € 6.63 € 8.05 € 9.32 €

    Format 100 x 50 mm Ref. MIS-PFM-105-TR

    Quantités Prix € HT
    2 holes
    Prix € HT
    No fixing (without holes or adhesive)
    Prix € HT
    3M468 adhesive
    Prix € HT
    3M468 adhesive + 2 holes
    10 60 € 48 € 60 € 71 €
    50 15 € 12 € 15 € 17 €
    100 7.9 € 6.63 € 8.05 € 9.32 €

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