pehd printed identification plastic tag different format en
    • pehd printed identification plastic tag different format en
    • pehd printed identification plastic tag one round perforation or oblong perforation en
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    • pehd colorous printed identification plastic tag rectangular format

    0.3mm PEHD Printed Identification Plastic Tag

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    the pack of 1000

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    • Enhances your brand image
    • Economical

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    The 0.3mm PVC printed identification plastic tag is the ideal accessory for displaying your asset. The asset label can also customized your labels and enhance your brand image.

    pehd asset identification nameplate  

    A resistant identification tag

    This extremely resistant Plastic Tag with a thickness of 0.3mm is most suited for identifying your products and it is extremely resistant to outdoors and harsh environments : cold, water, moisture, many solvents... The flexibility of this 100% recyclable HDPE asset label allows it to perfectly adapt to curved surfaces and makes it suitable for multiple uses :
    • Identification of posts, transformers, distribution equipment for electricity, water, gas, gasoline
    • In the horticulture industry (nursery, forestry...) to label and identify plants.

    A customizable heavy duty tag using color, print, perforation...

    pehd identification asset nameplate

    Customized your asset label with the text of your choice or your logo (upto 4 colors), only front or front/back, in order to highlight your brand image. Pre-printing of your information in color on the identification tag using high quality screen printing resistant to external aggressive conditions.

    The option of chronological numbering in thermal transfer is a technology used for getting a perfect result since black print is extremely resistant to external aggressive conditions. It is possible to print a barcode and/or a corresponding numbering on each asset label. Perforated numbering is also possible on each inventory label.

    Choose the type of perforation for your identification tag, round perforation with one or two holes (Ø5mm) to attach the label with the help of a metal fastener or string,, or an oblong perforation to attach with a strapping system. You can also choose to not perforate your identification pastic tag, and fasten it with staples, nails or screws.

    The option of the detachable coupon offers you a solution for inventories or marking thanks to the double identification of your goods : you can, for example, label your equipment and put an additional label in the corresponding folder.

    We also recommend the indelible Industry Paint Marker for possible annotations to be added on your asset label.

    Choose the color of your identification tag from 10 available colors: Pink, Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Purple and Brown.




    Data sheet

    the pack of 1000
    in packs of 1000
    1 year
    Catalog code
    A034 B034 C051 D057 E127 F127
    Screen printing, logo, numbering, barcode, QR code, ...
    100% recyclable HDPE

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    Format 100x45mm Ref. MCE-PVC-03-104

    Quantités Prix € HT
    Prix € HT
    Black print
    1 217 €-
    2- 290 €
    3 181 € 217 €
    5 145 € 217 €
    10 145 € 181 €

    Format 70x40mm Ref. MCE-PVC-03-74

    Quantités Prix € HT
    Prix € HT
    Black print
    1 109 €-
    2- 181 €
    3 109 € 145 €
    5 87 € 145 €
    10 72 € 145 €

    Format 120x70 mm Ref. MCE-PVC-03-127

    Quantités Prix € HT
    Prix € HT
    Black print
    1 290 €-
    2- 362 €
    3 217 € 290 €
    5 181 € 254 €
    10 181 € 217 €

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