Mobile Classroom 10/20 Pc & Shelves - 1
  • Mobile Classroom 10/20 Pc & Shelves - 1
  • Mobile Classroom 10/20 Pc & Shelves - 2

Mobile Classroom 10/20 Pc & Shelves

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the mobile trunk

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  • A real safe
  • Closed door recharging of devices
  • Up to 20 laptops / 30 tablets
  • Secure cart for laptops and tablets

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Do you have a large computer park? You want to store it in a safe place and be able to move it easily? The computer cart is the ideal tool. It can hold 20 computers and up to 30 tablets. This secure computer cart is commonly used in schools, hotels, open-spaces...

A mobile classroom cart adapted and secured

Usually, laptops, tablets and netbooks are stored in locked rooms, which is useful to prevent possible theft attempts, but not very practical when it comes to distributing the same computer equipment. We have therefore thought of a much more practical solution, easy to use and to distribute, keeping all the security dimension of a locked room.

The mobile cart is in fact a classic piece of furniture reinforced with 2 mm thick walls, a 3 mm thick secure door equipped with a 3-point key lock. The interior of this laptop and tablet cart is fully modular and adaptable to your needs.

We have integrated power outlets to keep your computer equipment charged and ready to use. The whole mounted on two fixed wheels and two rotating wheels equipped with a brake and allowing a secure blocking of the computer cart.

Real safe on wheels, this mobile class cart is an essential tool for any structure with a large and moving computer park.

This top-of-the-range safe is designed in Sweden and bears the CE mark, meeting European safety standards. Indeed, it has been designed and manufactured by a company specialized in the design of safes for more than 200 years and which is certified ISO 9001/2008.

To learn more about this computer cart, we have written an article for you : What is the mobile classroom ?

A mobile cart adapted to companies and schools

We live in a world dictated by digital technology and where various computer tools are flourishing at our workstations, more and more precise, sharp and fast: laptops, touch tablets, netbooks... . These tools are now an integral part of our daily professional and personal lives. The computer cart is very well adapted to the professional environment, in particular, seminars, training centers and open-spaces. The distribution of computer equipment is faster and more secure.

Recently we see the emergence of computer equipment in the classrooms of our smallest citizens. They too, are learning and feeding on digital to evolve. Gone are the days when entire classrooms were requisitioned to store computers. Today, students no longer move towards digital, but the other way around, and the mobile classroom cart is there to ensure the security and transport of computer equipment to the classrooms.

We have written an article on the appearance of computer equipment in schools : Tablets in schools : what impact and how to secure them ?

A feature-rich solution

So that you can be operational as soon as you arrive at your workstation, we have equipped our mobile classroom cart with power outlets. So, depending on the model you choose, you can simultaneously charge 10 to 20 of your devices. Everything is thought out so that your computer equipment is stored in ideal conditions. Also, to avoid any overheating of the material, we have equipped our cart with ventilation grids, located on the walls. As an option, we offer an "extension", allowing you to add 10 additional 220V power outlets.

We provide with this safe on wheels, a fixing kit including screws and plugs. This allows the mobile device to be fixed on any support: wall, table, floor. Thus, your computer equipment is triply secured :

  • 2 mm thick walls
  • Secure lock
  • Fixing kit

ReferenceCapacityExterior dimensionsNb d’étagèresNb of shelvesWeightNb of outlets
SEP-COF-CM10 10 computers / 20 shelves 100 x 68,5 x 52 cm 60 x 54 x 43 x cm 5 80 kg 10 of 220V
SEP-COF-CM20 20 computers / 30 shelves 100 x 91 x 52 cm 60 x 77,5 x 43 cm 10 114 kg 20 of 220V

Your equipment is now ultra-secure and the cart is totally untearable

Quick and easy installation

The start-up of your mobile classroom cart has been designed to be easy and fast. Thus, the wiring is done through the front and rear doors. Simply plug the power cable and the network cable into the 220V sockets provided for this purpose.

The mobile classroom will be able to charge laptops and tablets by plugging them into the power outlets located on the inner walls of the mobile classroom. Also, the power outlets allow your computer equipment to be charged and ready to use at any time. All you have to do is install your chargers inside the cart.

A mobile cart

At SBE Direct, we believe that a successful product is one that looks like you and best meets your needs. To achieve this, our mobile classroom cart can be equipped with various options :

Are you interested in purchasing a computer trolley and would like to see our other products? Here are our two other references :

Delivery in continental France only (except Corsica) and on the ground floor. For any other destination or configuration (installation by floor, assembly, etc.), please consult us.


Data sheet

the mobile trunk
1 year
Door 3mm - Walls 2mm


Electronic SwingBolt Lock (EN)

User instructions EM2050 RotoBolt Electronic SwingBolt Lock

Download (520.97k)

Chariot mobile H-S (FR)

Fiche produit : chariot mobile sécurisé

Download (206.4k)

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Model 10 laptops / 20 tablets Ref. SEP-COF-CM10-E

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Prix € HT
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1 2326 € 1980 €

Model 20 laptops / 30 tablets Ref. SEP-COF-CM20

Quantités Prix € HT
with key
Prix € HT
1 2180 € 2526 €

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This antitheft anchor plate is indispensable if you do not have a suitable anchor point. It is sufficiently sturdy and you can attach your antitheft laptop...

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