mobile class with a capacity of thirty open door computers
  • mobile class with a capacity of thirty open door computers
  • mobile class with a capacity of thirty closed door computers

Mobile classroom for 30 laptops/tablets

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The cart

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  • Holds up to 30 computers or tablets 
  • Safe for your electronic devices
  • Protects and recharges 
  • Easy to move around with these 4 wheel drives
  • Choice of lock type

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Mobile Class: a secure storage and charging solution for your laptops and tablets. Robust and agile, it is ideal for schools, classrooms, open spaces, computer rooms, hotels, and conference rooms.

Mobile Class Tablet: Secure Storage and Charging for Your Electronic Devices

The Mobile Class Tablet is a complete solution for storing, protecting, and charging your electronic devices. With a storage capacity of 30 tablets, it is ideal for schools and professionals who need to transport and recharge tablets safely.

Keep your IT equipment (tablets or laptops) safe with this storage solution. You can also easily transport your IT equipment with enhanced protection. No more worries about your equipment and always ensure that your equipment is fully charged.

Many schools and training establishments use our 30 tablet and laptop mobile class to store their computers and tablets safely inside classrooms, which are often insecure. Many stores also use charging cabinets, especially when they use tablets to facilitate sales, product research, or inventory.

Charging cabinets are very convenient because they use only one power source, so you can leave them plugged in and use the switch to decide whether or not you want to charge your equipment. This can be useful in spaces with few outlets, such as coworking spaces.

In addition, our 30 Tablet and Laptop Mobile Class has a hook that allows you to hang it up to prevent theft. With a wall anchor, you can easily fix your mobile class.

The Ideal Solution for Schools and Businesses

The Mobile Class Tablet is equipped with 30 220V power outlets to recharge your electronic devices safely. With its four-wheel drive, it can be easily moved from room to room, which is ideal for schools and businesses that need to store and recharge a large number of tablets. In addition, the power adapter is very easy to detach and very easy to take with you if you need to use the PC/tablet while charging it outside the cart.

With this mobile cart for computers and tablets, recharge intelligently. It is possible to program group charging via App/Wifi in order to minimize the load on the electrical system. For this, you must have a Deltaco smart socket and the application. With this system, you can perform system updates at night, which allows for optimal time savings. It’s easy, just download and install the Deltaco smart home app from the App Store or Google Play.

This application allows you to schedule your charge and thus save energy, as the outlets do not charge 24/7.

The tablet mobile class is also equipped with adjustable shelves with a maximum height of 23mm, and a depth that can range from 20 to 41.5cm. The shelf can be adjusted from 15.7 to 26.2cm long, allowing for easy configuration to meet the specific needs of the teacher.

In addition, the tablet mobile class is equipped with a powerful fan that ensures good air circulation during the charging of electronic devices. This feature guarantees fast and secure charging for schools and businesses.

ReferencesLockPC or Tablet CapacityWeight (kg)Dimensions in cmNumber of shelvesElectrical outlet in series
SEP-COF-CR-E Electronic 30 45 111.5 x 46 x 72 30 30
SEP-COF-CR Keyed 30 45 111.5 x 46 x 72 30 30

A complete mobile solution for classroom teaching

The 30 Tablet and Laptop mobile class is a recognized tool for its completeness. Indeed, its use has been designed to facilitate its use in all circumstances. In this sense, the mobile class cart is equipped with two doors, allowing access to the back for organization and installation of wiring, as well as access to the front for storage and storage of computer equipment.

The mobile class cart is a safe with a solid construction for the lowest possible weight. The mobile class cart is equipped with the same type of materials and locks as classified security cabinets. Therefore, this cart is by far the most resistant and safest on the market. Its body is made of thick aluminum, which prevents any attempts to open it. Here are the thicknesses of the walls:

  • Secure door of 3 mm thickness;
  • A 3-point lock with bolts;
  • Walls of 2 mm thickness;

The charging cart can be ordered in a version with an approved high security key lock or with an approved code locking with many setting options.

Code opening is a good option if the cart needs to be accessible to many users. When the CodeLock battery weakens, a blue LED flashes. The battery is easily replaceable from outside the cart.

In conclusion, the mobile tablet class is a complete solution for storage, protection and recharging for your electronic devices. It is equipped with all the necessary features to meet the needs of schools, professionals and businesses. Its storage capacity of 30 tablets and its advanced security features make it an ideal solution for mobile class needs. Look no further, the mobile tablet class is the ideal solution for your digital equipment and educational resource needs.

By choosing the mobile tablet class, you benefit from a complete solution for storage, protection and recharging for your electronic devices. The mobile tablet class is like a safe for electronic devices, with two types of locks to choose from, either electronic or key, which guarantees total security for your IT park.

The mobile tablet class is the ideal solution for schools, professionals and businesses that need a storage and recharging solution for their tablets. With its ease of movement and modularity, it will meet the needs of all users and guarantee an optimal user experience.

At SBE Direct, we are proud to offer high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers. The mobile tablet class is a product that was designed to meet the specific needs of schools, professionals and businesses. We are convinced that the mobile tablet class is the ideal solution for anyone looking to protect, store and recharge their electronic devices safely.

Also discover our Mobile Class 10/20 PC, this mobile class solution is smaller, allowing for less storage: ideal for small IT parks.

We invite you to discover the mobile tablet class and to contact us if you have any questions or specific needs. At SBE Direct, we are here to support you in all your projects and to offer you the most suitable solutions for your needs.


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The cart
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Key or electronic lock

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