mobile class with a capacity of thirty open door computers
  • mobile class with a capacity of thirty open door computers
  • mobile class with a capacity of thirty closed door computers

Mobile classroom for 30 laptops/tablets

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The cart

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  • Holds up to 30 computers or tablets 
  • Safe for your electronic devices
  • Protects and recharges 
  • Easy to move around with these 4 wheel drives
  • Choice of lock type

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Secure your computers and touch tablets with this recharging cart. Robust and agile, this mobile cart allows you to protect your electronic devices from break-ins while charging them. It is perfectly adapted to schools, especially classrooms because of its small width, but can be adapted to any environment: open-spaces, computer rooms, hotels, conference rooms.

What is a laptops charging cart ? 

We call a "mobile classroom", in our case, a piece of furniture mounted on wheels with the capacity to hold a certain number of laptops or tablets, sometimes both depending on the manufacturer. The mobile classroom is also equipped with a centralized charger.

See our article for more information on the mobile charging cart, a simple and secure management tool for your IT equipment.

A cart that adapts to any electronic device

This mobile computer and tablet cart is designed to accommodate 30 tablets/iPads or computers up to 15.6" can be stored and loaded at the same time. 

The cart has a unique adjustable interior. In order to adjust to the appliances, the shelves are mobile and can be positioned at your convenience. The padded shelves can be adjusted in width, depth and height at the same time. The maximum height of a shelf is 23mm, the depth can range from 20 to 41.5cm. The shelf can be adjusted from 15.7 to 26.2cm in length. The cart is therefore scalable and multi-platform to fit computers and shelves. 

The cart is supplied with 30 220V power outlets so that all electronic devices can be charged at once. 

This mobile class cart comes standard with a powerful fan and holes that ensure good ventilation during loading. With this system, you can perform system updates during the night, saving you time. 

Thanks to this computer cart, recharge intelligently. It is possible to program group charging via App/Wifi in order to minimize the load on the electrical system. To do so, you need a Deltaco smart socket and the App. With this system, you can perform system updates during the night, saving you time. Nothing could be simpler, just download and install the Deltaco smart home application on the App store or Google Play. 

This application allows you to program and thus save energy, because the sockets do not charge 24 hours a day. On this application you can add devices and synchronize the ones you want... 

You have the choice to have a Deltaco smart outlet or a timer at no extra cost.

Quick and easy installation  

The cart is equipped with sturdy front and rear doors, which simplify the wiring and start-up of the cart.

The computer/laptop power adapters are stored inside the rear door in adapter bags that are hung on the inside wall. Installation is quick, convenient and very easy to take with you if you need to charge outside the cart.

The cart is CE marked for safe use and is equipped with socket strips with 30 grounded (220v) outlets for connecting laptop / tablet power adapters. The connection is then made to standard 220v sockets

The laptop/tablet power adapters are stored inside the rear door in adapter bags that are either hung on the shelf or inserted directly into the sockets. Quick and convenient installation.

The power adapter is very easy to detach and very easy to take with you if you need to charge outside the cart.

Your tablets and computers in a safe place in this secure cart 

The cart has a safe and a solid construction for the lowest possible weight and is built with the same type of construction and has the same locks as the classified safety cabinets are equipped with. The cart is by far the most powerful and safest on the market. Its body is made of thick aluminum, which prevents any attempts to open it. Here are the thicknesses of the walls :

  • 3mm thick security door
  • A 3-point lock made of bolts
  • 2mm thick walls 

The refill cart can be ordered in versions with approved high security type lock or with approved code locks with many setting options. 

Code opening is a good option if the cart needs to be accessible to many users. When the CodeLock battery is running low, a blue LED will flash. The battery is easily replaced from outside the cart. 

Special wheels make the cart very easy to handle and the large wheels make it possible to drive even over high thresholds. 2 of the wheels have a brake.

Discover our 10/20pc mobile charging cart in a smaller size as well as a charging cabinet, a good alternative without wheels.

Keep your business items safe with this storage solution. You can also easily transport your equipment with reinforced protection.

Never fear for your equipment and make sure you always get your equipment back recharged.

This equipment can be useful if you are working with tools and don't want to take them home, but still want them to be charged and safe.

Many schools and training establishments use charging cabinets to keep computers and tablets safe inside classrooms which are often insecure.

Many shops also use charging cabinets when using tablets to facilitate sales, product research or inventory.

Charging cabinets are very practical as they only take up one power supply, so you can leave it plugged in and then use the switch to decide whether or not you want to charge your equipment. This can be useful in spaces where there are few sockets. In coworking spaces for example.


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The cart
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111,5 x 46 x 72 cm
Key or electronic lock

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