High security safe with individual compartments

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    the strong cabinet

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    • User empowerment and autonomy
    • Up to 40 secure individual compartments
    • Closed door recharging of devices

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    A high security safe with individual compartments guaranteeing the security and protection of your personal belongings

    This charging cart has double security due to individual compartments

    This safe has the same characteristics as the high security safe and has individual secure compartments ideal for storing and securing your laptops, tablets or sensitive documents. This high-end safe, made up of 4 mm thick steel, features a 10-point lock for larger models (5 points per door). This high quality safe which also serves as a charging cart offers you a high level of security for your computer equipment thanks to the closed and secure compartments. Two walls thus deal with aggressions, the door and the secured compartments. Each user can now have his own compartment, this safe is therefore synonymous with autonomy and empowerment of users.

    This safe is very resistant and the tests confirm it. It has been certified by the Norwegian company DNV (Det Norske Veritas), a European specialist in terms of qualitative accreditation for the safety of goods.

    Daily use of this safe is very easy

    Lockable compartments provide additional individual protection. The door of the safe is equipped with a high security key lock. The lockable compartments are equipped with 2 keys each. Two master keys capable of opening all compartments are also provided with the safe.

    lock-safe-high-security-compartments-individual An optional electronic lock is available. This electronic lock has a master code and a capacity of 9 user codes, it is certified and meets multiple security standards (Vds class 2, EN1300 class B in particular) Many configuration options are available. You can find detailed documentation on this secure charging cart. This safe also acts as an anti-theft system for tablets (iPad, GalaxyTab, etc), laptops and mobiles.

    Available in 5 versions of 8, 16, 20, 32 or 40 individual compartments. The models with 8, 16 and 20 compartments have a single door, and the models with 32 and 40 compartments have a double door.

    A safety recharge cabinet is very easy to use.

    very-high-security-individual-cabinets This strong cabinet is equipped with sockets for plugging in the electronic devices. As standard, the sturdy cabinet has 8/16/20/32 or 40 sockets depending on the model. However, 10 optional sockets can be added for more flexibility (contact us for a quote). These strong cabinets are equipped with ventilation grills ensuring ventilation to avoid overheating during charging.

    high-security-cabinet-socket-individual-compartmentsThe cabinets can be equipped with an option of a thermostat control fan if you want to operate computers in the cabinet (ideal for night-time updates for example). This option is available on request (contact us).

    This high-end safe is designed in Sweden and meets the European safety standards. In fact, it was designed and developed by a company specializing in designing safes for more than 200 years and is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

    Delivery in continental France only (excluding Corsica) and on the ground floor. For any other destination, or configuration (installation by floor, assembly, etc.), please contact us. 

    ReferenceNumber of compartmentsDimensions of the safeWeightDoorDimensions of the compartmentsPrises de courant de sérieFermeture
    SEP-COF-AFHS-CI88100 x 57,5 x 50 cm163 kgSimple door9,6 x 32,5 x 38 cm85 points
    SEP-COF-AFHS-CI1616190 x 57,5 x 50 cm278 kgSimple door9,6 x 32,5 x 38 cm165 points
    SEP-COF-AFHS-CI2020190 x 57,5 x 50 cm381 kgSimple door6,2 x 35,4 x 44 cm205 points
    SEP-COF-AFHS-CI3232190 x 100 x 50 cm418 kgDouble door9,6 x 32,5 x 38 cm3210 points
    SEP-COF-AFHS-CI4040190 x 100 x 50 cm456 kgDouble door6,2 x 35,4 x 44 cm4010 points



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    the strong cabinet
    1 year
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    C107 D112 E800 F800


    Armoire compartiments (FR)

    Fiche techniques: Armoire forte haute-sécurité à compartiments individuels

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    Model 20 individual compartments Ref. SEP-CF-AFSC20-E

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    Prix € HT
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    1 4867 € 4440 €

    Model 40 individual compartments Ref. SEP-CF-AFSC40-E

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    Prix € HT
    with key
    1 7186 € 6759 €

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