High-security Laptop and Charging Station
  • High-security Laptop and Charging Station
  • High-security Laptop and Charging Station

High-security Laptop and Charging Station

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  • A real safe
  • Closed door recharging of devices
  • Up to 20 laptops / 40 tablets
  • Secure cart for laptops and tablets

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This secure mobile cart for tablets, allows you to protect and store your laptops as well as your tablets. This secure mobile cart, for laptops and tablets, is suitable for schools, companies, training or conference rooms where computers and tablets are subject to the risks of theft.

This mobile cart for tablets and laptops provides maximum protection and storage for your electronic devices.

This high-security mobile cart for laptops and tablets has a large storage capacity (up to 20 laptops and 40 tablets or mini-computers). It not only protects your computer hardware but also moves it with ease. It is a cabinet for laptops and tablets with the highest capacity in the market.

Side ventilation grids provide natural ventilation, allowing you to recharge your portable equipment in the mobile cart while avoiding overheating.

Two models are available :

Capacity External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Number of shelves Height between shelves Number of power outlets
SEP-COF-CM10 10 computers/20 tablets 1000 x 685 x 520 mm (including wheels and handles) 835 x 550 x 430 mm 5 60mm (adjustable in 20mm steps) 10 of 220V
SEP-COF-CM20 20 computers/10 tablets 1000 x 910 x 520 mm (including wheels and handles) 835 x 775 x 430 mm 10 60 mm (adjustable in 20mm steps) 20 of 220V

You can recharge more devices simultaneously by adding 10 additional power outlets on the computer cart, with the option on quotation.

Secure cart for laptops and tablets : an inviolable portable category

This mobile cart for tablets and laptops made up entirely of steel, ensure optimum security through :

  • its 3mm thick door
  • its 2 mm walls
  • a 5-point bolt lock (1 up / 1 down / 3 left)
  • a secure key lock

Security Options for mobile cart for tablets


Electronic lock

This electronic lock has a master code and a capacity of 9 user codes, it is certified and meets multiple safety standards (Vds class 2, EN1300 class B in particular). Many configurations are available .


Ventilation system

This optional ventilation system installed in the mobile cart allows cooling down of the stored computer equipment, which can remain switched on even at night, convenient for overnight updates.


Extra power outlets

10 additional power outlets can be added to your secure mobile cart to recharge more devices simultaneously.


Stationary safety system

Since the cabinet is mobile, it is essential to secure it if it is not in a closed room. This system secures your cart by attaching it to a wall through an anchor point.


Mounting kit for devices on the top

Various devices can be attached to the top of the mobile cart such as a printer, video projector, speakers or computer.

Find the data sheet of the mobile cart for tablets and laptops.

One or more of the above options can be added to the mobile cart and are available on quotation. Contact us for more information.

We also offer a non-mobile charging cabinet for laptops and tablets or a safe for laptops and tablets .


Data sheet

le coffre mobile
à l'unité
1 an
Code catalogue
C104 D109 E799 F799
Porte 3mm - Parois 2mm


Electronic SwingBolt Lock (EN)

User instructions EM2050 RotoBolt Electronic SwingBolt Lock

Download (520.97k)

Chariot mobile H-S (FR)

Fiche produit : chariot mobile sécurisé

Download (206.4k)

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Modèle 10 portables/ 20 tablettes Ref. SEP-COF-CM10-E

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Modèle 20 portables/ 40 tablettes Ref. SEP-COF-CM20-E

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