10mm high resistance square security chain highly unbreakable en
    • 10mm high resistance square security chain highly unbreakable en
    • resistant square security chain en
    • chaîne de securite carree haute resistance with padlock en

    10mm High resistance square security chain - Highly unbreakable

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    Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
    • Made in Germany
    • High strength: hardened steel
    • High level of security
    • Anti-scratch thanks to a high-quality textile chain

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    At home on Friday 29 May 2020

    chain-safety-high-resistance-unbreakable-highly Every day in France, one burglary occurs every 90 seconds. These mainly concern the theft of mobile objects (motorized or on wheels, which are easier to move) and break-ins in private areas.

    A simple, safe and efficient security chain.

    Practical, transportable, and functional, this high-resistance square security chain is capable of securing many of your belongings and gates once linked with a padlock. Made of hardened steel and thanks to its not easily breakable square links, it offers a very effective protection against chance thefts both inside and outside, thanks to stainless materials.

    Opt for this multifunctional chain, suitable for all types of doors and objects.

    Particularly suitable for the protection of two-wheeled vehicles and locking inside and outside gates, this high-quality safety chain will adapt perfectly to many other uses such as securing your tooling equipment , your outdoor furniture, your water sports equipment etc.


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    2 ans
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    C120 D125 E791 F791
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    Format Ø10mm/long.100cm Ref. SEP-CN-10100

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    10 39 €

    Format Ø10mm/long.150cm Ref. SEP-CN-10150

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    5 55 €
    10 52 €

    Format Ø10mm/long.200cm Ref. SEP-CN-10200

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 67 €
    5 64 €
    10 60 €

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