How to choose the right asset labels?

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How can you find a label to identify equipment that is reliable, cheap, effective, that sticks well and for a long time, and is high-end? Nothing easier at SBE. To find out at best among the wide range of professional labels we offer, here are some simple questions:

What is their purpose?

If you are on a tight budget, choose our Reinforced Black Polyethylene print label and you will be satisfied with the quality and durability at a very reasonable cost.

If you want to identify hardware (computer or furniture) that will be regularly handled, cleaned, or exposed to the outdoors, our Dual Adhesive Polyester 3 M Protective label is the wisest choice because it offers excellent durability, unmatched resilience to any force, and excellent hold/sticking capability.

If you think that your users have a tendency to remove your current labels (especially in public access rooms, classrooms, computer spaces), take a look at our 3 M aluminum plate, with its very thick and powerful adhesive, which makes up very difficult to remove and can be stuck on very difficult and varied surfaces, even outside. This top-of-the-range metal label is the most universal and suits all identification uses perfectly.

If you want your property to remain fully identified and that identification is itself secure, use our secure Acrylate TESA label or our PVC Destructible label, because they are very difficult to remove and tear up when removed and cannot be re-applied elsewhere, just like our Polyester Void label which offers the advantage of clearly showing whether there has been an attempt to remove it and whether it has been re-applied.

If you want to benefit from all the advantages mentioned above and at the same time secure the equipment itself, the absolute best choice is our SBE tamper-proof Plate and our SBE Anti-theft Plate totally impossible to remove and particularly aesthetically pleasing.


Simple and cost-effective: Black Print Reinforced Polyethylene

Protective and hard to remove: Polyester 3 M Protected Double Adhesive and Aluminum Plate 3 M

Secure and non-transferable: Destructible PVC , TESA Acrylate Secured, VOID metallic

Totally unremovable and tamper-proof:
Tamper-proof SBE Plate and Tamper-proof SBE Antitheft Plate

Numbering unknown in advance:
Laserlab Polyester and White Polyester double adhesive 3 M auto laminating. For computer equipment: It is customary to multiply the amount of hardware to be identified by 2.5 to take into account the various devices and accessories for a complete configuration.

What quantity?

  • For computer equipment: It is customary to multiply the amount of hardware to be identified by 2.5 to take into account the various devices and accessories for a complete configuration.
  • For furniture: multiply the number of items to be inventoried by 1.5 in order to anticipate possible small amounts that are expensive to reproduce.
  • For a mixed inventory (computer and furniture) it is customary to use the same label for everything (usually the Polyester Dual Adhesive 3 M Protective or 3 M Plate) in order to benefit most from the lower rates on higher quantities.
  • For quantities less than 500 units or urgent orders: There are 2 types of labels that SBE can provide in 1 week at low cost: The TESA Acrylate Secured label and the Rigid 3 M Aluminum Plate Small urgent series Black or Colour label.
  • For quantities between 500 and 1000 units: The most appropriate are the 3 M Aluminum Plate and the Tamper-proof SBE Plate.
  • For quantities exceeding 1,000 units: The Polyester Dual Adhesive 3 M Protective Label and 3 M Aluminum Plate are those that most suit higher volumes.

For more information: SBE advice/Correctly estimate the quantities you need

What graphic should I choose?

Your label graphic will be made up of the image, your logo, and numbers.

The general graphics conveyed by your label are very important because it represents the brand image of your company, and the quality of your work. You will notice, on the various models displayed on our site, that we pay particular attention to the graphics of the labels we produce.

The presence of your logo is also particularly important as it makes it possible to clearly mark your property and also to secure it better. It also contributes towards the brand image of your company and its communication. The supplement is generally very low. In addition, your logo in colour will make it possible to use these colours for the general design of the label, thus offering an attractive appearance and a quality presentation.

For more information: SBE advice/successfully print your logo and colour graphics

What numbering should we print?

The numbering (variable) includes either a plain text number (discreet? clearly visible from a distance?) or barcode (the most used type is code 39, but all other types of code are possible). Our barcodes are always clearly translated (unless otherwise specified).

To note: This numbering must be specified by yourself and known at the time of ordering.
We always advise our customers to have variable numbering printing on their labels because our industrial processes are always much better in terms of holding and quality, and the difference in cost is low.

For more information: SBE advice/Everything you need to know about sequential numbering

Please note: Following your order, a ready for print proof document will be sent to you by our computer graphics service. It will be validated or modified by you, production and deadlines will only start after this final validation.

For what budget?

Once the material, the quantities and the visuals are determined, the rate is established simply from the grids displayed for each product. Price grids offer a significant degressive pricing on quantities because all production has significant start-up costs already included in unit prices (machine sets, implementation, testing.), which can be depreciated much more easily on significant quantities.

Plate costs are counted only in the first production for printing a colour visual or a black and white logo. If labels are reproduced later, we will use the same films without any charges for you, but if the visual changes new plate costs may be expected.

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