magnetic metal badge fastener
  • magnetic metal badge fastener

Magnetic Metal Badge Fastener

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Sticker labels do not adhere to many surfaces, particularly surfaces of luggage. This label-holder proves to be the ideal solution for quick and secured identification of your belongings.

A functional and robust label-holder

With a total length of 180mm with usable length of 100mm, it is resistant to a traction of about 160 N. An estimated delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks and plate costs will be charged for the first order : please contact us for the complete pricing system.

Much stronger than simple plastic tags, these are reusable many times over but can also be removed if you want to put them on different luggage.

If you use these tags on a school trip for example, you don't have to worry about students damaging or tearing off their tags. 

Adaptable labeling

Unlike other conventional label holders, its plate made of Moplen PPU plastic measures 30x43mm and can display a felt marking, a label, a customized laser label as well as hot stamping.

Why put tag on your luggage ?

Nowadays, when you take trains, planes or any other transport, it is very often compulsory to have a tag to identify your luggage. Indeed, with the implementation of the vigipirate plan, an unidentified luggage can quickly cause panic. Airline and train companies strongly advise that you allow your luggage to be identified quickly in the event of loss or omission.

Also from a personal point of view, it is a good idea to add a tag containing your contact details to your luggage in case the companies lose or misplace your luggage, it will be much easier and quicker to find it.

Similarly, if you are faced with a piece of luggage that closely resembles your own, an identification tag will avoid any misunderstanding.

If you want to identify luggage or allow your users to identify theirs, these tags will fit all types of suitcases, bags and luggage.

Different colors are available upon request.

Red color is in stock. Other colors are however possible upon request, depending on the quantities ordered.


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