The mobile charging cart, simple and secure management of laptops and tablets

Digital tools are increasingly used in companies as well as in schools. However, computer rooms are becoming obsolete with old PCs and are less and less used because of technical, pedagogical and organisational obstacles. This is why schools are investing in state-of-the-art equipment such as laptops and tablets. Access to these tools must be controlled and secured to avoid any risk of loss or theft.

SBE offers you the solution with two laptops charging stations, made in Sweden, suitable for storing and charging laptops and tablets. These mobile classrooms ensure the security of electronic devices in companies and public institutions such as schools.

What is a mobile laptops charging station?

A mobile cart for laptops and tablets is a piece of furniture that allows you to transport several electronic devices, such as laptops and tablets, from one place to another very easily and effortlessly.

The mobile charging cart then allows you to store and secure access to these valuable items and charge them all in one place at the same time.

This tool is ideal if you have a large fleet of IT equipment, such as in schools, hotels, restaurants, open spaces, computer rooms, training rooms and conference rooms.

How does the mobile laptops charging station work? 

Our mobile laptops charging cart are made of 3mm thick steel, which ensures a very good resistance to shocks. They contain removable padded shelves and can have up to 30 220V sockets to support a multitude of computers and tablets for charging. To prevent overheating, there is a fan inside and ventilation grilles on the walls of the trolley. 

To maximise the security of the devices, our mobile cart for laptops and tablets are equipped with an electronic lock that can be unlocked with an encrypted code and a second one if necessary. This makes the management of the trolley very simple, with no risk of losing the key. However, if you prefer, it is possible to choose a lock with key.

Note that if you do not wish to roll your mobile cart, it is possible to fix it on any support (wall, table, floor...ect) using a fixing kit composed of screws and plugs that cannot be torn out.

Our 30 PC/tablet mobile cjarging cart is very practical because it allows you to recharge intelligently. You can program the charging of your devices with a Deltaco smart plug and the app available on the App Store and Google Play. With this system, you can perform automatic system updates during the night, which saves you time and money because the sockets do not charge 24 hours a day.

You can also purchase accessories to complement your mobile class:

- Portable threshold plate that allows you to drive over high thresholds

- Mounting shelf to support a device on top

- USB charging station 

Wall anchor kit 

- Safety chain to prevent unwanted mobility.

Laptop lock 

- An adhesive anti-theft marking 

Here is a summary table of the features of our trolleys:

ProductReferenceLockCapacityWeightDimensionsNumber of shelvesSockets 
Charging cart for 30 laptops/tablets SEP-COF-CR-E Electronic / key 30 laptops / tablets 45kg 111,5 x 46 x 72 cm 30 30 de 220V
Mobile cart for 10/20 PC and tablets SEP-COF-CM10 Electronic / key 10 laptops / tablets 80kg 100cm x 68,5cm x 52 cm 5 10 de 220V
SEP-COF-CM20 Electronic / key 20 laptops / 30 tablets 114kg 100cm x 91cm x 52cm 10 20 de 220V

How do I set up a mobile classroom? 

A mobile cart for laptops is quick and easy to install. 

;"The front and rear doors make it easy to wire and start the charging trolley. 

You can connect the mains cable and the network cable to the sockets provided. The mobile classroom will be ready to power laptops and tablets when recharging. You can then connect your devices to the sockets on the inside of the mobile classroom.

What are the benefits of the mobile laptops charging cart for schools?

Having digital tools at school is an advantage for students as they learn to master digital media, which are essential for their future professional life. These "digital natives" can communicate and create more easily, thus promoting personalised, independent learning. 9 out of 10 teachers recognise the educational benefits of digital technology and use it to prepare their lessons and vary the activities. This solution is a step forward for schools which are developing new learning methods.

Computer rooms are outdated and no longer adapted to the expectations of teachers and pupils. Indeed, there are not enough computers, which are often obsolete, and the connection is too slow and the internet speed is low. In addition, it requires organisation beforehand to make small groups of students, to move to this room, which encroaches on the course.

The mobile laptops charging cart is an interesting alternative to the computer room in schools, colleges and high schools because it allows children and students to have access to computers and tablets in their classrooms and teachers to share the devices. This is a very practical and useful device for using digital tools without constraints of place and time. In addition, it is less cumbersome because there are no electrical connections, so there is no risk of children falling or getting burned. Once the lesson is over, it is very easy to store the PCs and tablets in the mobile classroom and to store the locked trolley in a discreet corner of the classroom. The mobile laptops cart saves time and money, ideal for both teachers and students. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information and to make your quotation via the product page of your choice.

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