Support antivol pour videoprojecteur
  • Support antivol pour videoprojecteur
  • Support antivol pour videoprojecteur

Videoprojector Lock

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  • Anti-theft support secured with lock + padlock
  • Design in resistant steel
  • Adjustable ceiling heights
  • Universal videoprojector anti-theft: adapts to all types of videoprojectors
  • 360° swivel ceiling support

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A universal anti-theft protection for videoprojectors that adapts to most of them. This anti-theft device for videoprojectors designed in resistant steel, protects your device with a lock + a padlock (optional).

Video-projector-anti-theft-support-overhead-projector-securityConference rooms, auditoriums and meeting rooms are vulnerable to theft of audiovisual equipment, particularly videoprojectors, which are sometimes very expensive. To avoid theft, companies and schools should protect their equipment using strong antitheft protection. The anti-theft fasteners for videoprojectors make it possible to dissuade thieves and fasten the device to the ceiling in a secured way.

videoprojector-anti-theft-support A universal projector anti-theft/support

This anti-theft support for videoprojectors is universal because it suits most videoprojectors in the market (projector size from 22 x 17.8 cm to 40 x 32.3 cm) The dimensions of the platform are 28.7 cm x 31.5 cm.

This platform has a grid to effectively hold the videoprojector using anti-theft screws. For bigger videoprojectors, 4 extensions are provided for securing the projector to the platform in a secured way.

This videoprojector anti-theft support is ideal for schools, conference rooms or meeting rooms.

High security for optimal anti-theft protection of the videoprojector

security-lock-projector-anti-theft-supportTo effectively protect your videoprojector from theft, this technical anti-theft ceiling mount is equipped to ensure its safety:

This anti-theft projector fastener is equipped with anti-theft screws preventing dismantling of the different parts of your protection.

To lock the projector, on its anti-theft support the platform is reinforced with a lock equipped with two identical keys. This lock protects the platform from opening and giving access to the fastening screws of the projector.

magno-padlocks-projector-anti-theft-support To increase the security level of your videoprojector's anti-theft support, you can add an optional padlock. Several padlocks suit the support structure like our MAGNO padlock or our 30 or 40 mm POINT padlock

A strong and convenient anti-theft videoprojector support

Tilting-anti-theft-support- projector This protection for the videoprojector is made of a resistant metal (steel) preventing its destruction or deterioration, and ensuring its longevity.

For better use, you can adjust the height of the videoprojector's anti-theft support thanks to the extensions that are provided. You can position your projector at a height (under ceiling) of 16.5cm; 54.5 cm or 124.5 cm.

Also, the anti-theft support allows you to rotate your videoprojector 360° or tilt it according to your requirements.

Videoprojector anti-theft protection easy to assemble

This videoprojector anti-theft support is easy to assemble and requires no external tool. All components and instructions for mounting the support are provided. The installation is very simple and the support can be fixed to the ceiling with 8 ultra resistant screws (screws and dowels included).

You will find the anti-theft screws, the keys for the lock, the dowels, the support and the platform along with the extensions for the height of the support in the same package. The addition of the padlocks on this videoprojector anti-theft device is optional.


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le support
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Code catalogue
E980 F980
Vis indévissables
Vis antivol + cadenas
Résistance générale
Jusqu'à 11kg
Acier résistant
4 kg
Pour projecteurs de 22 x 17,8 cm à 40 x 32,3 cm
Plateforme : 28,7 cm x 31,5 cm / Hauteur réglable à 16,5 cm ou 54,5 cm ou 124,5 cm
Sécurisée avec clés identiques


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