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Extremely Adhesive Asset Tag

De 1,42€ à 12,00 Tax excluded

the label

Tax excluded Livraison : 1 à 3 semaines
  • Almost impossible to remove
  • Long duration identification
  • Unbreakable and ultra resistant
  • Easy fixing: less than 30 seconds

Total : 1000.00€ HT

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At home on Saturday 17 August 2024

NEW! This barcode label, also called identification label, of a high-end design, is strong and perfectly protected. It is equipped with an ultra-powerful self-adhesive sticker that makes it practically impossible to remove, from any surface. You will not find a stronger adhesive to permanently fix the labels of your goods, easy to stick in 10 seconds with a simple action.

This barcode label sticker also enables you to prepare an excellent reliable inventory.

This protected marking almost impossible to remove can resist 100% moisture , temperatures from -55°C to 90°C, UV radiation, abrasion , common cleaning products ... With this label, you can be certain that your identification marks will be very difficult to remove.

Made of 4 independent parts that are bonded by hot fusion during assembly, the finish and aesthetics of this barcode label are of a high-end quality:

- The first part is the main support in 0.5mm polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Rigid, white, and very resistant, the extreme adhesive protected identification label is thus flexible but unbreakable.

- On the top of the barcode label is high-definition color printing, which allows you to permanently identify your goods: the writing will still be reliable after several years.
- To protect the printing, a thick layer of transparent crystal polyester resistant to the worst external attacks, like chemicals and common solvents, cleaning products, abrasion, handling ... is applied by hot fusion.Goods-label-dimensions

- To permanently fix the entire label on your surface, an ultra-powerful double-sided adhesive is applied on the PVC base allowing it to be permanently stuck on any unpainted or painted surface. The substantial thickness of the adhesive provides exceptional resistance even on the most granulated surfaces.

Your goods are perfectly identified for a long time , in record time with the easy installation of this name plate, thus facilitating your inventory and identification operations. Your brand value is enhanced.

The barcode label: simple use, durable labeling

Identification label on laptopFixed on your property, this extremely adhesive protected label has a dual efficiency: not only does it reduce the risk of attempts at theft of your equipment due to the deterrence that it causes, but also helps you to distinguish yourself, in order to clearly state the ownership of your property. Easy to use, You just have to peel-off the protective film of the PVC label to stick it on the surface of your choice in less than 10 seconds. By selecting the customized printing you will enhance the image of your company by including its colors. The printing technique used provides a perfect result (very high digital definition of professional quality), bright colors and excellent fineness of print on the barcode label. In order to customize your company label in the best way, SBE suggests a number of different insertions: texts, barcodes or variable QR codes, sequential numbering, graphics and logos. Plate costs are to be expected on the first order. Similarly, do not hesitate to take advantage of our highly reduced bulk rates by estimating your quantities and ordering your free samples in order to observe the efficiency of this ultra adhesive ownership plate yourself.

For maximum security with a completely irremovable and tamper-proof label, refer to our SBE Tamper-proof Label.

SBE recommends:
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- All information on sequential numbering


Data sheet

the label
in packs of 100
1 year
Powerful sticker
Ultra powerful
Laminated PVC + Upper Overlay
40x20 mm

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Format 40x20mm Ref. PAE-ST42-CO

Quantités Prix € HT
100 10 €
300 5.12 €
500 3.84 €
1000 2.35 €
3000 1.85 €
5000 1.56 €
10000 1.42 €

Format 70x40 mm Ref. PAE-ST74-CO

Quantités Prix € HT
100 12 €
300 6.61 €
500 5.33 €
1000 3.66 €
3000 3.16 €
5000 2.81 €
10000 2.67 €

Format 36 x 46 mm Ref. PAE-ST34-CO

Quantités Prix € HT
100 11 €
300 6.05 €
500 4.91 €
1000 3.31 €
3000 2.77 €
5000 2.42 €
10000 2.1 €

With this product you may need to use:
61,00 Tax excluded

box of 100

In order to strengthen and multiply the adhesive strength of all the marking labels on this site, first prepare the surface by wiping it with the...

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