How to best choose your office safe?

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Commercial and industrial premises are the first target for thieves because they contain a large amount of computer equipment, confidential documents and sometimes money. Every year, more than 17,000 cases of burglary are recorded, with an average value of €2,900.

These thefts, which account for more than 40% of burglaries in France, are only increasing in this period of health crisis when companies are deserted by employees to telework, leaving the way clear for thieves.

It is therefore essential to secure company property as much as possible with a burglar-proof and fire-proof safe.

SBE Direct offers a wide range of cost-effective security safes made in Germany. Available in various sizes, with a choice of locks, our security safes can meet any need.

Choosing your security safe

First and foremost, it is important to ask yourself the right questions when choosing a safe. We have made a brief summary of these questions to help you and will answer them.

  • What type of goods do I want to protect and secure (jewellery, works of art, valuable objects, sensitive documents, everyday objects such as keys, identity papers, passports) 
  • What is the value of the items to be protected? 
  • How much space will these items take up in the safe?
  • Where should the safe be placed for maximum security?
  • What budget do I have for the purchase of my safe?

The insurable value of a safe 

A safe is a very good solution for protecting your personal belongings and valuables that you value and protecting them from any theft attempt. To choose your safe, you must first assess the value of your goods. Below are the 7 classes of safe security according to the value insured.

  • Class S1 and S2: no insurable value (not recognised by certain insurance companies)
  • Class 0: Insurable value of €8,000
  • Class 1: Insurable value of €25,000
  • Class 2: Insurable value of €35,000
  • Class 3: Insurable value of €55,000
  • Class 4: Insurable value of €110,000
  • Class 5: Insurable value of €200,000
  • Class 6: Insurable value of €300,000

Please note: 

- The higher the class, the more expensive the safe.

- If the value is high, you will need to provide your insurance company with a security certificate for the safe.

Choosing the safe's security lock

Our safes are available in several sizes and also with 3 types of lock depending on the security and management level you with key lock

- The single key lock (double bit): the safe is opened by inserting a key. Choose this key lock if you are the only person to access the safe and there is no risk of losing it.

safe with electronic lock

- The electronic lock: the safe is unlocked with a programmed combination and if necessary a user code that can be changed at any time. If you forget the code, two emergency keys are provided

safe with biometric lock

- The biometric lock: the safe opens with a programmed combination and a user code if required. The little plus: you can register several fingerprints to open the safe. The safe also has an emergency lock.

The latter two locks are recommended if you want simple management and if you give access to the safe to several trusted persons.

Whichever lock you choose, your safe will be highly secure. These armoured locks are known to be the most resistant to break-in and copying.

The fireproof safe for theft and fire protection

A fire can break out in a few minutes in your premises due to a source of energy or human ignition, which can have serious consequences.

In response to this risk, the fireproof safe provides protection against theft but also against fire in the event of a fire, a real asset for maximum protection of the contents.

The BURG-WÄTCHER fireproof safe complies with all current European security and fire safety standards. Its approved and certified protection against burglary and fire allows you to store documents, cash, jewellery, weapons or other valuables without worry. It is a class 1 safe, with an insurable value of up to €25,000 and can hold a volume of 15L to a maximum of 78L.

Thanks to its fireproof materials, this fireproof safe protects your belongings from flames for 30 minutes. A time that can allow you to act, not negligible, knowing that a fire can rise to 1000 degrees and destroy everything in its path in a few minutes. This fireproof safe protects your belongings by keeping the temperature below 175 degrees (paper) or 50 degrees (computer), thus preventing your belongings from burning inside the safe.

The fireproof safe is made of very strong materials: its double-walled body, its side and top locking by solid round bolts and its continuous locking rail on the hinge side make this safe a real bulwark against burglary. It is highly resistant to shocks as well as to any risk of abrasion and wear, allowing it to secure your belongings for many years.

The COMBILINE fireproof safe is available with 2 types of high security lock: single key or electronic combination. You will no longer have to worry about the security of your valuables or documents.

Choosing the size of a safe 

When buying a safe, it is important to choose the right size for the contents you want to store and protect. However, the size also depends on where you want to place your safe. Here are our tips to help you choose the size of your safe.

  • Small volume safes (10-20 litres)

A small safe with a small volume is ideal for storing administrative documents (identity papers, passports, etc.), your cheque book or other small items (jewellery, key covers, etc.). This type of safe has the advantage of being particularly discreet.

Our FAVOR safe and our POINTSAFE safe are ideal for protecting this type of object discreetly and can easily be placed in a slightly narrow space such as a cupboard.

  • Medium volume safes (20-50 litres)

A medium volume safe makes it easier to store A4 size paper documents as well as electronic equipment (laptop, tablet, phone...).

The MAGNO safe and the DIPLOMAT safe made of thick steel perfectly secure this kind of goods thanks to their armoured security lock with key, electronic or biometric.

  • High volume safes (> 50 litres)

A high volume safe can hold all types of documents and objects and in large quantities.

Discover the DIPLOMAT fireproof and waterproof safe which can contain up to 96L, it ensures exceptional protection thanks to its triple anti-theft and fireproof wall and its state-of-the-art electronic lock.

Find below, a comparative table of our safes.

ModelVolume (L)ClassFireproofLock
FAVOR Safe 5,2/9,5/18,6/38,6/55 / No key / electronic
POINTSAFE Eco Personal Safe 6,7/20,5/38,8/57,9 / No key / electronic/ biometric
Safe for Laptop 27,9 / No electronic/ biometric
COMBILINE Fireproof safe 15/27/50/78 1 Yes key / electronic
MAGNO Safe 28/51 0 No key / electronic
DIPLOMAT Safe 28,3/38,5/55,8/96 1 Yes key / electronic

 Discover safes with a capacity of less than 50L in the category "Small high security safes".

Choosing a location for the safe

In order to optimise the security of your personal belongings, it is important to choose a strategic location for your safe.

Within a company's premises, there are not many private and hidden places, but you can install it at the bottom of a cupboard or embed it in the wall of your locked office.

If you wish to install a safe in your home, it is strongly advised not to place your safe in the master bedroom, living room and bathroom as these are the first rooms to be searched during a robbery.

You should therefore place your safe in an unexpected and unusual place, where thieves will not think to look. A child's bedroom, the laundry room or the attic are good places to put it. Outside rooms such as the garage are also recommended for hiding your safe.

To make your safe as secure as possible, you can seal it to the wall and the floor with fasteners. 

You can also choose a built-in safe. To do this, you need to make an opening in the wall or floor to the size of the safe and install it there with the help of fixing joints. To ensure complete invisibility, hide it behind a piece of furniture, a picture or a cupboard. Be careful! Before undertaking this work, check that the wall is load-bearing (terracotta, brick, breeze block) and that there are no gas pipes, water drains or electrical cables.

To avoid any hassle, it is possible to have your box delivered, assembled and installed thanks to an additional service that we offer. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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