Why buy a small safe?

small safe

The safe allows you to store valuables, money, confidential documents in a company, in a hotel when travelling or even at home without opening a bank safe or making a file. In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in sales of small safes. France is one of the pioneers in this field, followed by its European neighbours. For example, sales of French personal safes have increased by more than 20%. Today, no fewer than 45,000 French households are equipped with them.

A safe with many advantages

small safe can hold up to 50L and has many advantages including space saving, security and installation work. It is common to see small safes in hotel rooms or private offices to store valuables such as jewellery, valuables, confidential documents, cash or small electronic devices in complete security.

Indeed, thanks to its small size, this kind of safe is very easy to install in any kind of place such as cupboards, drawers and other hidden corners which do not require any work to be installed, unlike large safes.

A small safe is also cheaper than a large safe with a similar level of security and can be easily transported when travelling.

A small high security safe

serrure electronique

A small safe is no less effective against theft than a large safe. In fact, they have the same level of security because they are made of the same materials and specifications as the large ones. Depending on how you want to manage your safe, you will need to choose the lock of your choice for your small safe: single key, electronic or biometric. Whatever your choice, these locks are highly secure and resistant to any attempt to break in or copy them. The advantage of a small safe is that it can be installed in corners that are hard to reach and untraceable for thieves.

A range of very strong small safes

At SBE we offer 6 small safes, less than 50L, manufactured by BURG WÄTCHER in Germany. Our safes provide maximum security for your valuables over time thanks to their robust, double-walled steel body and their electronic code or fingerprint lock system. In addition, our small safes comply with European security and fire safety standards.

Our small safes have a very good quality/price ratio. Our prices range from 90€ to 1933€, ideal for all budgets.

ModelVolume (L)ClassFireproofLock
FAVOR Safe 5,2/9,5/18,6/38,6/55 / No key / electronic
POINTSAFE Eco Personal Safe 6,7/20,5/38,8/57,9 / No key / electronic/ biometric
Safe for Laptop 27,9 / No electronic/ biometric
COMBILINE Fireproof safe 15/27/50/78 1 Yes key / electronic
MAGNO Safe 28/51 0 No key / electronic
DIPLOMAT Safe 28,3/38,5/55,8/96 1 Yes key / electronic

To choose your safe, you must first assess the value of your goods before you can choose a safe with an insurance value similar to the goods you wish to secure (please contact your insurance company for insurable goods).

Our COMBILINE and DIPLOMA safes are rated level 1 for an insurable value of €25,000 and the MAGNO has an insurable value of up to €8,000. In order to be sure of being covered by your insurance, you should opt for safes with insurable value.  

Discover these safes with a volume higher than 50L in the category "Burg Watcher safes".

Do not hesitate to consult our article which will give you all the advice you need to install a safe in your premises.

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