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Discover our items benefiting from completely new RFID technology.

SBE offers these RFID products. These items offer you the opportunity to identify and secure goods as well as people.
We also offer products to protect and frame this technology such as RFID protection, which will avoid any drift or hacking of your RFID tag, RFID label, RFID card and badge and RFID key-holder.

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the 100 keychains

This RFID keyholder is a simple and practical product which suits all situations. With this RFID key, it is possible to control access reliably and...
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the roll of 2000

This RFID label is very efficient for the security of movable property and products. This discreet and reliable RFID self-adhesive label is also effective...
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the 100 keychains

This well-designed and modern RFID key-fob is a practical product allowing reliable and secured access control to entrances to buildings, car parks or...
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box of 200

The RFID badge becomes a must to facilitate and secure access to corporate buildings. This individual RFID tag allows strict and accurate control of...
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the 100 cases

The RFID protection case is the effective solution to protect your sensitive data likely to be copied or retrieved from your RFID card. With tear-proof...

If you want to know more about RFID technology and RFID tag protection, please feel free to consult our dedicated article.