set of 4 padlock seals
    • set of 4 padlock seals
    • key fob seal
    • key fob seal with keys

    Key-fob Seal

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    the 100 seals

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    • Your perfectly identified keys
    • Their management under control
    • Tamper free and untransferable

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    The Key-fob Seal forms part of the range of cable seals and padlock seals. This lead-type security seal is ideally used as a key fob, but it can also be used to attach all types of vehicle equipment: tanks, valves, sacks, bags, boxes or drums.

    Characteristics of the security seal

    The main characteristic of the Key-fob Seal is the use of a travel stop in its operation. This travel stop prevents the cable from being removed from the tag. Made of a body in Acrylonitrile Styrene as well as a galvanised metal cable of up to 200mm in length and a diameter of 1.5 mm, the key-fob seal can resist a pull force of up to 150kg.

    This Key-fob seal is available with 3 different tag sizes: A quite thin tag of 2.6 x2.7 cm, which can resist a pull force of 50kg. A medium tag of 3.9x2 cm for a pull force of 100kg. And a thicker tag, 4x3.5cm, which can resist a pull force of 150kg. (The latter can even be used for airline trolleys, or containers).

    The Key-fob Seal, functional and practical

    The use of this padlock seal is simple: simply surround the object or the keys to be closed with the unattached tip, then clip this tip on the base provided: the item is sealed, and it is no longer possible to detach it, except by using cutting pliers.

    A customisable seal

    In order to quickly identify each seal, our key-fob seals are designed with consecutive numbering (up to 7 characters), plus a standard F.F. marking. You also have the possibility to modify these characters, or to add a barcode or even your logo. (Contact us for any customisation)

    Lead times of 12 weeks should be allowed, along with the cost of printing plates for the first orders: contact us for full pricing.

    If you wish to know more about the rest of our range of padlock-seals, or any of our products for padlocks, seals and security chains, click on the relevant links above.


    Data sheet

    the 100 seals
    in packs of 100
    1 year
    Catalog code
    C129 D134 E151 F151
    Ø Cable
    Length: 200mm

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