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    Timestrip Time Indicator Inspection Label

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    The 100 labels

    Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
    • Inexpensive alternative
    • Reliable and accurate indicator
    • Adhesive Indicator

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    At home on Tuesday 26 October 2021

    Monitoring time is essential for all companies whatever the sector, to ensure the maintenance, warranty or replacement of parts or consumables. SBE offers you a new type of irreversible time measurement label especially innovative with an instant visual reminder.

    A precise and reliable time indicator

    The Timestrip time indicator inspection label is the best effective and cost-effective solution to measuring time elapsed. This time indicator is tamper proof and irreversible. It is very easy to use, simply press the button to activate the strip, the time indicator can then be glued directly to the product or packaging onits sticky side. It is always visible, offers a precise visual reminder to monitor the time elapsed (from 1 hour to 24 months). This label is suitable for all sectors, from medical to agri-food, and from consumer to industry.

    This time indicator inspection label has been specially designed for:

    Products with a limited lifespan

    Components which need to be replaced at regular time intervals

    A training or maintenance programme which needs to be followed

    • Where there is no means of identifying the time elapsed

    A very simple time indicator monitoring label which gives an immediate reading

    To activate it, simply squeeze the button between your finger and thumb (activation must be done at room temperature). A coloured line will appear to confirm it has been activated. Each indicator contains a dye that is gradually released after activation. Over time, the dye will migrate into the display window. Once the viewing window is full, it means that the time has expired.

    Timestrip Time indicator

    Timestrip time indicator inspection label : an effective marketing tool for customer loyalty

    Are you a manufacturer or marketing perishable products over time? Offer your customers a practical accessory that will tell them when to renew their purchase. This time indicator may be used as a complementary product to a main product. Sold with a consumable product or a limited lifespan such as toothbrushes or aesthetic products, the indicator will bring real added value to the main product and allow the customer to make full use of the product.

    A customisable time indicator inspection label 

    If the suggested references are not suitable for your needs, SBE suggests customizing your indicator from 100,000 labels, by choosing your unit of measurement between 5 minutes and 2 years. You can also add your logo to each indicator. 

    The delivery time for customisation is 12 weeks. Only on quotation, contact us.

    This time indicator inspection label is sold inactive and has a lifespan of 3 years after the date of manufacture stated on the product. This label has no storage requirements. This product is compliant with ISO 9001:2008.

    RéférenceUnité de mesure/ Format de l’indicateurVisuel
    MAD-TPS-1H1 heure / 19x32 mmétiquette indicateur temps timestrip une heure couleur verte
    MAD-TPS-12H 12 heures / 19x40 mmetiquette indicateur temps douze heures couleurs verte timestrip
    MAD-TPS-7J 7 jours / 19x40 mmetiquette indicateur temps sept jours couleur bleue timestrip
    MAD-TPS-1M 1 mois / 19x40 mmetiquette indicateur temps un mois couleur bleue timestrip
    MAD-TPS-3M 3 mois / 19x40 mmetiquette indicateur temps trois mois couleur bleue timestrip
    MAD-TPS-6M 6 mois / 19x40 mmetiquette indicateur temps six mois couleur bleue timestrip
    MAD-TPS-12M 12 mois / 19x40 mmetiquette indicateur temps douze mois bleue timestrip
    MAD-TPS-24M 24 mois / 19x40 mmetiquette indicateur temps bleue timestrip



    Data sheet

    The 100 labels
    Per pack of 100
    1 year
    Extra strong
    General resistance
    in humidity, the indicator can withstand temperatures from -30 ° to + 55 ° but only for a short time. The indicator must be used at room temperature (20C ° -25C °)
    0.04 Kg the package of 100 labels


    Timestrip Temps 1H

    Download (1.41M)

    Timestrip Temps 12H

    Download (1.55M)

    Timestrip Temps 7 Jours

    Download (1.43M)

    Timestrip Temps 1 mois

    Download (1.39M)

    Timestrip Temps 3 mois

    Download (1.51M)

    Timestrio Temps 6 mois

    Download (1.51M)

    Timestrip temps 12 mois

    Download (1.48M)

    Timestrip Time 1H (ANG)

    Download (1.41M)

    Timestrip Time 12H (ANG)

    Download (1.55M)

    Timestrip Time 7 days (ANG)

    Download (1.43M)

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    Time 1H Ref. MAD-TPS-1H

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 51 €
    5 49 €
    10 46 €

    Time 12H Ref. MAD-TPS-12H

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 51 €
    5 49 €
    10 46 €

    Time 7 days Ref. MAD-TPS-7J

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 56 €
    5 53 €
    10 50 €

    Time 1 month Ref. MAD-TPS-1M

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 56 €
    5 53 €
    10 50 €

    Time 3 months Ref. MAD-TPS-3M

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 60 €
    5 58 €
    10 54 €

    Time 6 months Ref. MAD-TPS-6M

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 60 €
    5 58 €
    10 54 €

    Time 12 months Ref. MAD-TPS-12M

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 65 €
    5 62 €
    10 58 €

    Time 24 months Ref. MAD-TPS-24M

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 107 €
    5 102 €
    10 95 €

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