customized aluminium monitoring plate
  • customized aluminium monitoring plate
  • customizable aluminium monitoring plate en
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Customized Aluminium Monitoring Plate

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the plaque

Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
  • Complies with the standards specified by the Ministry of Agriculture
  • and Fisheries
  • resistant to phytosanitary products
  • Anodized aluminum
  • The most powerful adhesive

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At home on Saturday 21 October 2023

Equip yourself with the best among regular monitoring labels, choose our ultra-flexible 3M aluminum 0.07 identification plate. You will get a very high quality aluminum inspection label with a high level of security, is economical and easy to use.

A high quality monitoring label

The fine quality of this metal inspection label (0.07mm) allows it to perfectly fit in even with the most curved surfaces. Furthermore, its 3M 300LSE extremely powerful adhesive meant for rough surfaces makes it almost impossible to remove (difficult to get a hold due to its fine finish) and the metal label breaks into fragments (which makes it an excellent anti-fraud label).

Its high quality black print
is achieved by anodizing (the metal is thoroughly-colored). In Version A, the variable information (numbers and bar codes) are inserted by means of deep laser engraving, making the metal label indelible and unalterable.

If you do not know your numbering in advance choose Version B, this lets you manually create embossed intaglioed characters with the help of our products intended for mechanical engraving or by using a simple ball-point pen on each metal monitoring label.

This design ensures that the metal inspection label has the same attributes as the aluminum machine plate, it is thus exceptionally resistant to abrasion, solvents, high pressure cleaning, outdoor exposure and UV and phytosanitary chemicals .

Take advantage of our highly discounted bulk rates on these inspection metal labels by making an accurate estimate of your quantities.

Enhance your brand image by customizing your inspection label with your name. (contact us)

Plate format:
51 x 20 mm


Data sheet

the plaque
per pack of 50
1 year
Very powerful
Printing resistance
Optimum / Protected
General resistance
Oils / Solvents

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Version AT Ref. MAD-ALU-CPVA

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Version B Ref. MAD-ALU-CPVB

Quantités Prix € HT
500 0.58 €
1000 0.38 €
3000 0.34 €
5000 0.34 €
10000 0.31 €

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