plastic lead seal
    • plastic lead seal

    Plastic Lead Seal

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    the 1000 seals

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    Here is the most economical seal! It is indeed an ecological alternative for your electrical maintenance teams.

    The seal is made of a gray copolymer with a diameter of 9mm and a thickness of 4.25 mm, the wire is laminated in blue color resistant to a traction of 9 kg all designed to seal your electrical installations traditionally. It secures access through its permanent fastening and guarantees that nobody has opened and / or handled your installations without authorization

    Extremely simple and fast:
    Indeed, you just have to crush the gray pill-like seal using our sealing pliers . For further security you can also engrave these seals with special pliers. Contact us.

    You will not find a cheaper or trendier seal thanks to its ecological aspect!

    Other colours and sizes on request. 


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    the 1000 seals
    In packs of 100
    1 year
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