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    Natural Lead Seal

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    1000 seals

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    At home on Wednesday 15 July 2020

    The natural lead seal is made of stainless steel specially designed to seal your electrical installation traditionally. This is the best known product and therefore the most preferred by all electrical maintenance teams.

    The natural lead seal secures access through its permanent fastening and guarantees that no person has opened and / or handled your installations without authorization.

    Highly simple and economical:
    Indeed, you simply have to insert the ends of a wire from our sealing wire reel into a natural lead seal and then crush it using the sealing pliers. For further security you can also engrave these natural seals with the help of special pliers. Please contact us.

    With its 3 combined products, you get maximum security at a lower cost!

    For other format, please contact us. 


    Data sheet

    1000 seals
    in packs of 1000
    1 year
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    C136 D141 E158 F158

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