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    CAB specific ribbons

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    Once you have chosen the technical labels that will best identify your assets, opt for the special resin ribbon for CAB Thermal transfer printer to obtain an impeccable finish and fine label print quality.

    The CAB ribbons are perfectly compatible with CAB Thermal transfer printers and thus ensure consistent label print quality. The special transparent strip on the ribbon end is particularly designed for CAB printers. It helps to avoid errors at the ribbon end and protects the print head from deterioration.

    Resin/wax ribbons:
    These ribbons (RICOH's B110 range) offer a variety of functions on coated or pre-printed paper or on synthetic surfaces. They offer higher resistance to friction as compared to wax ribbons while guaranteeing the same level of blackening.

    Resin ribbons:
    These ribbons are perfectly adapted to synthetic surfaces and to labels with shiny surfaces. They are highly resistant to friction, temperatures and to common solvents. RICOH's B110CX ribbon meets the UL and CSA standards.

    Superior resin ribbons AXR8 by ARMOR:
    Offers best resistance to heat, classic solvents and to certain chemical products. Very high resistance to friction. Meant for label printing of synthetic materials such as PVC, PET, PP and PE. UL Standards

    Other ribbon sizes and colors are available on request: blue, red, green, white and brown.

    These resin ribbons are compatible with all CAB Thermal transfer printers as well as all conventional thermal transfer printers including CAB thermal transfer printers. They are also used by manufacturers of identification tags. They offer optimal label printing.

    You can now protect your thermal transfer labels with the help of our transparent protection, in order to increase their longevity.

    ReferenceSizeQualityPrinter compatibility
    IMP-TT-B110A-7676mm x 360mWax-ResinEOS1, EOS4, MACH4, A4+
    IMP-TT-B110A-9090mm x 360mWax-ResinEOS1, EOS4, MACH4, A4+
    IMP-TT-B110A114114mm x 360mWax-ResinEOS1, EOS4, MACH4, A4+
    IMP-TT-B110C-7676mm x 360mResinEOS1, EOS4, MACH4, A4+
    MP-TT-B110C-9090mm x 360mResinEOS1, EOS4, MACH4, A4+
    MP-TT-B110C114114mm x 360mResinEOS1, EOS4, MACH4, A4+
    MP-TT-AXR8-2525mm x 360mSuperior ResinEOS1, EOS4, MACH4, A4+
    MP-TT-AXR8-5555mm x 360mSuperior ResinEOS1, EOS4, MACH4, A4+
    MP-TT-AXR8-110110mm x 360mSuperior ResinEOS1, EOS4, MACH4, A4+

    Data sheet

    pack of 10 rolls
    per 10
    1 year
    Catalog code
    A030 B030 C037 D043 E093 F093
    Thermal / Digital Transfer
    Printing resistance
    General resistance
    Oils, solvents, heat, friction
    Resin, wax / resin, top resin

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    Quality Resin Ref. IMP-TT-B110C-76

    Quantités Prix € HT
    76mm x 360m
    Prix € HT
    90mm x 360m
    Prix € HT
    114mm x 360m
    1 838 € 992 € 1258 €
    5 742 € 879 € 1115 €

    Quality Wax / Resin Ref. IMP-TT-B110A-76

    Quantités Prix € HT
    76mm x 360m
    Prix € HT
    90mm x 360m
    Prix € HT
    114mm x 360m
    1 361 € 428 € 540 €
    5 320 € 379 € 478 €

    Quality Superior resin Ref. IMP-TT-AXR8-110

    Quantités Prix € HT
    110mm x 360m
    Prix € HT
    25mm x 360m
    Prix € HT
    55mm x 360m
    1 1164 € 305 € 582 €
    5 1031 € 270 € 515 €

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